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Help me get a grip - do me an anti- dog thread please

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tabulahrasa Mon 15-Aug-11 15:13:10

My dog died in October and we have no plans to get another one.

I finish uni in december and have literally no idea what job I'll be getting after that, so no ideas about how long I'll be out through the day.

We're no exactly flush at the moment and have a cat with lymphoma which is costing an arm and a leg.

If we got a new dog it would stress out the cat in what might be her last few months - which isn't fair to her at all.

DP is vehemently opposed to getting another dog.

So completely valid reasons not to get one, but my friend phoned me this morning and told me she's getting a puppy and now I'm sat here all envy and sad

I don't want a puppy, they're hard work....please convince me I don't, lol

Happymm Mon 15-Aug-11 15:30:56

Check out the new puppy owners thread! If what's on there doesn't put you off, nothing can! grin

coccyx Mon 15-Aug-11 15:44:16

i know it can be a strong urge but read back your thread and you will see why not to get a dog

tabulahrasa Mon 15-Aug-11 15:57:53

Oh don't worry, I'm not going to just get one on a whim - I know I can't have one, I just need to make the...'aw a puppy' feeling go away, lol

The puppy thread doesn't help, rofl


If I had another baby, I'd be at home until it went to school, I could get a puppy then hmm

That's a valid reason for having a third child? Isn't it? grin

I'm sure my friend will let me borrow her puppy, do you think that will make it better or worse?

<reminds herself that housetraining and walking in Scotish winters is not fun>

Happymm Mon 15-Aug-11 16:23:53

We did it the other way round, got a puppy to stop my yen for number 4! I know I'm too old really....sigh, so puppy it was grin

(though the yen hasn't gone!)

tabulahrasa Mon 15-Aug-11 16:40:33

lol, the dog was originally to put off having DC2 - who's now 11...

At one point when I was at home full time, we had the dog, 2 DCs, the cat, 2 guinea pigs and some fish...

obviously we still have the 2DCs - but to be honest, they're much less rewarding pets than the others, much more intensive and I've not finished training them yet, lol.

I've just got two cats now, the older one is lovely, but she's the one that's ill the wee one is sweet, but she won't play fetch and doesn't come to greet you at the door and I'm fairly sure she only comes inside because there's food here. hmm

Other than when DS was really little, so I waited a while, I've always had a dog, it's weird without one, I know absolutely that I'm not getting one, it's not a good time at all, but the house feels so empty without one.

Oh dear god, how bad am I going to be when the children leave home? shock rofl

I fear I'm on the verge of being one of these people that starts carrying dog biscuits just so I can pet other people's when I'm out and about hmm

Happymm Mon 15-Aug-11 17:10:36

Can you volunteer to do some dog walking/sitting for someone who's not so mobile?

QuietTiger Mon 15-Aug-11 17:42:21

It's not fair on your cat. That should be the main reason. Her last days should be calm, tranquil and spoilt with love.

A dog would traumatise her and hasten her demise. DON'T do it to her. You owe your cat that.

Dogs smell. They are filthy stinking horrible animals. They need walking in the snow and rain and cold, they get covered in mud, they roll in fox poo, they eat vile, unmentionable things and then throw it up on your cream carpet... They pee on the floor, steal chew your sofa, bark when you're trying to chill out, demand attention...

Puppies are not cute. They are shit machines waiting to trash your house. They are evil little bastards who take over. They jump up at you and get your clean clothes covered in muddy foot prints... ummm... what else? Their breath smells. They lick their bums... oh wait, does that count because cats do too?

Does that help? grin

tabulahrasa Mon 15-Aug-11 18:03:28

that helps a bit - though the cats lick each others bums which is infinitely more disturbing, lol

Rolling, I'd forgotten about rolling...that's horrendous

I did think about that Happymm - but I don't know anyone and I can't really commit timewise for an organization, I don't know my uni timetable till classes start and that would only be definite till Christmas. See if I can't even work out if I can walk someone else's dog, I know I can't have one sad

musicposy Tue 16-Aug-11 09:44:22

Puppies chew things. In fact, everything. In fact, they will chew your most prized possessions and ignore the stuff you'd like to have an excuse to throw out.

They pee on your carpet. A lot.

You cannot go anywhere because they howl the place down and the neighbours complain.

They sleep beautifully in the day and then go mad at 10pm, tearing round the house. If you try to curtail this madness by putting them in their crate, they howl the place down. Loudly. They finally drop off to sleep an hour before the alarm goes off.

You cannot trust them off the lead. They chase rabbits. On walks, they jump up at people wearing white trousers, particularly when it is muddy.

They bring dead mice into the house and crunch them up in front of you and then swallow them, fur, tail and all.

They drop dog fur everywhere. Your tatty clothes don't pick this up but anything expensive or for work will be covered in dog hair.

They stink. The whole house smells of dog and you will need windows open in December.

You will go to puppy classes where your puppy will be perfect. Your puppy will be so good at puppy class she will be used by the handler for demonstrations. You will get home and she will immediately jump all over the furniture, steal a fruit cake and pee on the floor. She will refuse to obey a single one of your commands, despite obeying them all at puppy class an hour earlier.

<own puppy is just into adolescence. Clings onto sanity by a thread> grin

musicposy Tue 16-Aug-11 09:45:24

Yes, and they roll in fox poo. Or horse poo. Or cow poo. Particularly if they are white. grin

musicposy Tue 16-Aug-11 09:46:23

And you have to walk them in the rain. Maybe 3 times a day.

musicposy Tue 16-Aug-11 09:51:17

Oh and the vets bills. ££££££. Even if you are lucky enough to have no illnesses. The last set of vaccinations and flea treatment for our two dogs was £150 shock. Food costs a fortune. We really cannot afford dogs in the current climate, but of course, we have to, just as we have to afford the children. So we end up in clothes that are years old and never go out.

Disclaimer: I do adore my dogs! but think I should get off this thread now! grin

Ephiny Tue 16-Aug-11 10:11:24

Doesn't sound like the ideal time for you. Maybe in a few months though - you'll have a better idea what your work committments will look like, and it sounds horrible to say it, but your poor cat may no longer be with you - so you might be able to re-assess the situation then?

I love meeting other people's puppies, and sometimes get an unbearable longing for one of my own, but wouldn't actually get one. So many adult dogs needing homes anyway, and I don't really want to go through all the weeing-on-the-floor, chewing-everything-in-the-house stuff if I can help it! Go round to see your friend's puppy as often as you can, and enjoy all the play and cuddles and adorable cuteness without having the hard work and responsibility!

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