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new puppy advice.

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ladysmithingtonforkyspoon Sat 13-Aug-11 17:44:12

getting a pup in a week and a half, just thought I would gather some opinions from you lovely clever ladies on the best way to approach things.
1, introduction to existing dog, I was planning on doing it in the garden and keeping them both under very close control for the first meeting and then allowing them to play a little more each time while completely supervised, I was planning on crating pup whenever I have to leave them alone (toilet, shower etc).
grown up dog does occasionally snap at dogs she doesnt know but is very friendly with any dogs she knows, has just stayed for a week with friends 7 month old lab and been great.
2, nights, I was planning on putting pup in crate, older dog deosnt use crate anymore but leaving them in the same room.
3, feeding, I barf feed older dog and would like to raw feed pup as well but not quite sure how to go about changing over, also cant find much about raw feeding pup (as opposed to the abundence of info on raw feeding older dogs)I generally buy blocks of mince, which already contains bone and offal etc, do bones and wings every few days.
any advice on puppy feeding is most welcome, from what I can work out the amount is pretty much what they will be fed as an adult dog.
4, walks, obviously when injections are finished I was planning on taking pup for walks mainly on his own, but also taking him along with older dog in a sling (borrowing off friend whose baby has just grown out, wont look much like a nutter), occasionally taking them out together for short walks as well.
5, training, i attend obedience classes with older dog and would like to carry on doing that, is it ok to take both dogs, I have a friend who is happy to hold one dog while I train other as she is in a different class.
Any other advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated, think we are prepared but can never have too much advice. smile

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