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UnWiseDog needs another TPO surgery

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NunTheWiser Sat 13-Aug-11 11:04:49

UnWiseDog had surgery in June for hip dysplasia. Finally got the all clear today for the right hip. Surgery has done its job and the hip is looking very good. The left hip was borderline in May so we decided to wait and see how things went. Latest x-rays on Friday show that it has now degenerated significantly. There are clear signs of arthritis in the ball of the joint so the specialist recommends having TPO surgery on the left hip in the next month.
Am so sad for UnWiseDog. It's a horrendous thing for her to go through and the thought of having to crate her for another 6-8 weeks is unbearable. Have to do it though. sad

DogsBestFriend Sat 13-Aug-11 11:12:50

I'm so sorry. sad

But, thank goodness for her that she has you and that you care so much. Another owner might have made a very different decision or just left their dog in pain. sad

I hope that she gets treated asap so that you can all quickly put this behind you and get back to life as normal - and that she fares well through her surgery and makes a complete and fast recovery. Keep us updated/vent on here please.

Big hugs, UnWiseDog. xx

NunTheWiser Sat 13-Aug-11 12:39:30

Thanks DBF. We're still taking it in, TBH. There isn't really a decision to be made. We love her and she is a part of the family. We'll firm up the details next week and set a date for the op. I'd like to give her a couple of weeks of normality first before we have to do all this again. Today was the first day she'd been back at the dog park for 3 months and she was so excited to see / smell everyone. grin sad
She was so, so sad and sore after the op (profile of sad doggy on profile) and that's what I'm upset about.

SoupDragon Sat 13-Aug-11 12:42:14

Focus on the good times ahead. I guess at least this time you know exactly what is involved.

NunTheWiser Mon 15-Aug-11 04:42:24

Thanks DBF and Soupy.
I'm a bit calmer about it now. It was just a shock to hear it when I'd only been expecting the all clear for the right hip. It's the right thing to do for her so that she has a healthy, pain-free life. The vet has suggested boarding her at the vet hospital for quite a bit longer after the op than we did first time round. It means she gets absolute rest and great care and is easier for me to manage by the time she gets home. It sounds like a good (but expensive!) option which we may well go for. By Christmas, all things being well, she'll be back to normal and paddling around in the pool and at the beach. Just have to keep focussed on that.
I may need to wibble on here when she has the op though.
I am thanking my lucky stars for taking out the pet insurance which is a very new and rare thing in Oz.

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