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Hand holding needed

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fledtoscotland Fri 12-Aug-11 23:18:38

If anyone remembers, my gorgeous Tallie was PTS in may - she had an osteocarcoma at L4 and her spine collapsed.

Anyway, we were offered a rescue GSD pup which we jumped at as a new start and companion for my GSDxCollie cross Rocky. Buzz was 17wks on wednesday and is a fantastic dog.

This afternoon DH popped him up to the vet as he'd had diarrhoea for 24hrs and seems unsettled although full of life and energy.

He has since had emergency surgery where they have found an enlarged lymph gland and enlarged pancreas. (they had x-rayed him in case it was a twisted bowel but the x-ray was inconclusive so they decided to operate before he became unwell in himself). He's been admitted to the hospital and in on a drip and observation over the weekend whilst they wait for biopsy results. The vet isnt giving any diagnosis yet.

I'm panicking loads. I cant bear to loose two dogs in 3 months.

Please can someone give me reassurance that he's going to be ok.

DogsBestFriend Fri 12-Aug-11 23:30:13

Poor little soul. Extending a hand, paws and loads of kind wishes here. It's a blessing that you didn't just brush his illness off as a bug, thank goodness.

Thinking of you all.

DBF xx

fledtoscotland Fri 12-Aug-11 23:36:18

thanks DBF - he just didnt seem himself and having spent the last 8 months practically living in our vets with Tallie (now on 1st name terms with the head vet hmm) I phoned to ask them to check him over. Bill knows how edgy I am since Tallie died since it took us 5months to get her diagnosis. so he said to pop Buzz up to him and he would check him over. Really didnt expect this.

Just hitting me now that normally he'd be cuddled up with his head on my lap whilst rocky lies on my feet.

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