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Spider bites dog!

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Madondogs Wed 10-Aug-11 15:12:52

Hi, everyone,after some advice please.
My 18 month golden retriever has just been bitten by a spider( we live in UK),it was a large bodied short legged type and I feel terrible as I pointed it out to him. He squashed it with his paw and got bitten when he picked it up. One side of his muzzle is slightly swollen and he is looking a bit sad! I have given him an anti-histamine, do you think I should take him to the vet? I hope not as he is vet phobic. Thanks.

kid Wed 10-Aug-11 21:17:11

My pup got stung by a bee and had swelling on his face and looked very sad and sorry for himself. I applied ice to the area and kept an eye on the swelling and his breathing.
He didn't need to see a vet in the end but I would probably be more scared about a spider, probably because I am terrified of them myself!

Its very unlikely to be a poisonous spider in the UK. If your dog is acting out of character, could you ring the vets for advice? My vet is very good and will always give advice over the phone or even email.
Or maybe you could put a post out asking for help from MNer vets.
I hope he is ok.

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