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Terrier and Rabbit Hole Advice please

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Spamspamspam Mon 08-Aug-11 12:58:48

I have also written about our Rabbit hole experience on the New Puppy thread, however it is making me nervous and I am wondering what to do.

Pups discovered rabbits last week, has allways ignored them but she went down a hole - I am not sure if she, I didn't see where in the bracken she went down but thank god she reversed up once so I spotted her white bottom and after a lot of hysterics got her out.

Two days later on a different walk she did it again but did come out for a treat and didn't go back in.

I have now avoided those two commons and have taken her to a very exposed place which has miles and miles of open countryside where there are rabbits but I think all the holes are deep in the heather. The heather is not as long as the bracken on the common so I can see her a lot better and if she does go into the heather I am calling her out immediately - she has so far allways come back.

Now I am nervous of going to the places where it is very rabbitty and very holey as I hate having to put on her the lead and she has never been on a lead on a walk.

My question is what to do with your terriers or rabitters? Do you just let me find the odd hole and let them go down or do you try and stop it altogether? Although her recall is fantastic there is allways the chance that I don't see her and call her back in time and I am of course terrified that she will find a hole that then collapses on her. Do you have a locator collar for your dogs - again terrified that if she does find a hole and I haven't quite seen where she has gone I can't locate her. Am seriously considering a long line for very rabbity walks but I suspect even the woods is going to have rabbit holes - you can't really avoid them!

What would you do?

emptyshell Mon 08-Aug-11 13:09:11

I've got a bunny-chaser (surprisingly - NOT the sighthound) and I just tend to keep him on the lead when we're going through areas I know he'll lose the plot in (he wouldn't fit down a bunny hole, and he can't climb trees after squirrels either - but neither fact stops him from trying). Really trying to stop him chasing because he tried to chase a cat the other day for the first time ever (he's normally cat-indifferent and lives with a cat he's terrified of) and I don't want this rampant chase instinct taking over with him.

The only locator collar thing I have is I have a flashing light to clip on him when we get to the dark night walkies again - but that's mainly because he's a black dog and a bugger to see in the dark anyway.

I dropped my car keys down a rabbit hole on a walk a couple of months ago - took me a good three hours of backtracking with an increasingly bored dog in tow to find them again!

Scuttlebutter Mon 08-Aug-11 13:38:15

I've only ever seen locator collars used on "working" dogs, either for rabbiting or other, illegal, pursuits sad.

I'd use a long line personally.

Spamspamspam Tue 09-Aug-11 09:23:21

Thanks both, I am just going to monitor the situation from now and put her on lead in particularly interesting places. Also going to be much more aware and call her back to me a lot more the minute she goes into the undergrowth or bracken. Took her to the park last night where no rabbits and she was great at coming back when she wandered into the surrounding woods.

It's such a worry

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