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LENNOX, waiting for a court to decide his fate.

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DogsBestFriend Sat 06-Aug-11 14:48:35

On September 16th a judge will hear Lennox' s appeal.
This is his last chance.

I stand with Lennox, Caroline, Craig & Brooke

* Don't let the sun go out for Lennox*


VirgoGrr Sat 06-Aug-11 15:15:36

Its so sad this is still going on.

Don't you think with these long running cases that it gets to a point where its clear that the dog is not what they've said it is/the dog is no problem and it looks like the police/councils are just carrying on because they cant be seen to have made a mistake in the first place.

Tragic not only for the suffering to the animal, distress to the family, its a shocking waste of public money and resources. Someone needs to be challenging the 'law' though. Good for them and fingers still crossed for Lennox.

DogsBestFriend Sat 06-Aug-11 15:32:49

The problem is, I suspect, that the longer a dog is away from his family (dogs seized under the DDA aren't allowed to be visited, no-one outside of the authorities is even allowed to know where he is being kept), the longer he is ian unfamiliar kennel environment the more stressed, and the less soppy he may become,.

This wouldn't be an issue so much if he wasn't a dog seized under the DDA as a potential dangerous dog. If he were in rescue kennels we'd all be fussing him on a daily basis and making sure that this didn't happen but because if his alleged "danger" and that he's in cheap, shitty council kennels, he won't be ALLOWED to interact with humans. Elf & Safety will decree that no kennel hand can walk this "dangerous pit bull type" and no silly sod like me can go into his kennel and give him a cuddle. He'll get let out into a run for exercise and whilst securely away from the staff have his kennel cleaned and then get put back into it and pretty much have his food shoved at him via a "lazy Susan" built into the kennel door so that no human need go near him at all.

Result? One stressed, miserable dog who is quickly learning that humans are to be feared and mistrusted and losing all his social skills....

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