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Dog vs cat :(

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BabyDubsEverywhere Thu 04-Aug-11 22:57:56

I have an 11 month old staff, I love him dearly, but Im seriously worried about his recent behaviour. I also have an 11 month old cat, who I secretly favour, cats are my true love grin

To start with puppy and kitten were great together, odd bit of chasing each other but it was all gentle an playful, thu used to curl up together on te sofa etc, all seeme to be going well, until about a month ago when suddenly dog stepped up the pace. He's now seeking the cat out and snapping at him, aggressively chases him, tries to pin him down, tries to mouth him iykwim. Tonight he has cleared the back fence tryin to catch the cat hi was sitting minding his own business and my cat is terrified. I love my dog but in all honesty if he hurts my cat I'll kill him!

Also Dog seems to be suffering from separation anxiety perhaps, or he's just a shite bag! For example, if I am talking at the for to postie for a minute and won't let him past me/with me he will go and wee somewhere/chew something up, then I see it and he slinks off before I even have chance to react! If he is left in his cage - over night or when we go out he is fine, but I don't have time to put him in there before I answer the door for example or taking dd (potty training) to the loo! It's driving me a bit nuts tbh. I am a sahm so about all most a the time with him, and the back door is always open for him.

Can anyone give me some advice on either Of these issues?

Must add he's bloomin beautiful and great with the kids smile

AandK Fri 05-Aug-11 07:59:39

you must put him in his cage before you answer the door. I used to when my staffie cross was a pup, the people at the door just have to wait.

Give his cage a name ie bed or like I do just cage and practice sending him there even when no one is at the door.

About the cat, are you sure nobody else has been encouraging him to chase her?

You need to reintroduce bounderies. Put him on his lead and tether it to the radiator or something secure and bring the cat into the room. If he lunges or tries to go for the cat at all then make a high pitched Argh sound so that he knows its wrong. Victoria Stilwell does do a great example of this. The noise will distract him from being naughty and slowly he'll be bored of the cat and they'll learn to be in each others company again.

AandK Fri 05-Aug-11 08:00:30

His cage will be comfort to him my dogs get comfort from theirs as they feel secure and safe in there Xx

BabyDubsEverywhere Fri 05-Aug-11 17:02:32

Thanks for replying, I find it difficult to get him into his crate when someone comes, when it's just us he is fab, will get in quite happily etc, but as soon as someone else comes round he is a law unto himself! He is sooo excited that it's as though he doesn't even hear/see me! This is made worse when all the people who come to my house are either scared of or hate dogs!

Regarding the cat, certain no one has encouraged it, ever! Really only me and dh here and we would find encouraging such a thing deplorable! the dc are only 2&3 and are never left alone with any of our pets so that would never happen either. The thing is dog will still spend lots of evening cuddled up with the cat, then the cat will walk across the room later and be will fly at him! But not all the time. I really can't see a pattern and to it. The cat is a lazy sod and spend most the day asleep in he bath (odd cat!) the dog will wake up from a nap and then jump up and go find the cat, cue the roof sounding like it's about to come down as they charge about upstairs with me as a wailing banshee trying to stop them.... All fun in BabyDubs house grin

Wish I could afford some professional help but dh suddenly lost his job three days ago so that's way down on the list now....

AandK Fri 05-Aug-11 18:42:12

Like I say you have to train him to go to cage. Prcatice with just you and DH till he gets the hand.

The thing with the cat sounds just like juvenile behaviour Xx

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