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talk to me about Kennel Cough please :(

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lisad123 Mon 01-Aug-11 20:10:34

Thornton has been sneezing a little but making weird cough npise like he has something stuck in his mouth (I checked theres nothing there!)
Im wondering if he might have kennel cough, his still eating and drinking ok but a little grumpy (assumed it was because i put him in kennels last week)

Do I plod off to Vet tomorrow or see how he goes?
He also had his jabs on Thursday and his check up and was fine.

lisad123 Mon 01-Aug-11 21:16:03


minimu11 Mon 01-Aug-11 21:50:01

Hard to say but the symptoms do sound as if it could be kennel cough.

I would pop to the vets - tell them in advance you think it may be kennel cough they may want you to keep Thornton in the car rather than the waiting room.

Most dogs do not get too poorly with kennel cough although do keep a close eye on him -however you must keep him away from other dogs to stop it spreading.

Hope he is feeling better soon

CURLYMAMMA Mon 01-Aug-11 21:53:53

My dog had it for a few weeks. Strange cough, clear sickness. An injection, some tablets and a checkup etc and fine after it all. Go to the vets for treatments tomorrow, let them know beforehand as I think the risk is heart failure in susceptible dogs if it goes on too long untreated.

lurcherlover Tue 02-Aug-11 12:26:47

My lurcher had it when we adopted him (it's endemic in rescues). He had a "huffy" sounding cough, and would sneeze frequently (I was forever wiping his snot off the sofa, walls, carpet...) it didn't seem to bother him particularly and lasted about a month, I think. I do make sure he gets vaccinated against it now so he hopefully won't get it again.

Lara2 Wed 03-Aug-11 10:15:32

I sometimes walk with a vet nurse and she advised me to dose my dog with child benilyn for kennel cough. She said it's a cough and people panic about it because it's contagious and sweeps through kennels quickly (aka kennel cough). But it's not serious. I did what she said for 3-4 days, cough went away, dog fine. Cost - bottle of cough medicine from Boots. If it hadn't made any difference in that time, I would definately have been high tailing it down to the vets.

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