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New baby and sulking or clingy dog..

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MayMummy11 Mon 01-Aug-11 09:17:46

We recently had a baby and have a 4 year old American Cocker Spaniel. DD is 10 weeks old. The first couple of weeks of baby being home our dog was scared shaking and cowering near his basket. We tried to get him used to having the buggy in the house and getting used to the baby items that would be new in the house before dd came home. They were introduced to eachother on return from the hospital outside the front door. At first dog didn't like the crying or the poo smells. By week 3 things had improved and he got used to the crying and pooping baby being around, I say improved - he sulked and tolerated it. Now baby is sitting in a bouncer, dog is very kind and sits quite happily nearby if they are in the same room. He still sulks a lot though. The other problem is he has become a little to clingy to us, crying/howling if we go out of the house without him, or go upstairs for nappy changes etc and he is left downstairs (he is not alowed upstairs though I have caught him upstairs a few times recently). We have tried to give dog as much attention as is possible and praise good behaviour but he looks so sad in his basket or when baby is getting attention and he isn't. What can I do to help the sulking and the clinginess/howling when left in the house? I must add baby and dog are never left alone on their own - dog is very well natured and good with children but it is not a risk worth taking.

Cheria Mon 01-Aug-11 09:42:17

Was he a clingy dog before? It sounds like her gets upset when you leave him - I'm wondering if he is feeling protective of the baby and he is upset when she gets taken away from his protection.

If this is all completely new behaviour I would say continue as you are doing, giving the dog and baby lots of love. In a few weeks your baby will start to take more interest in what is around her. With my DD now almost 5 months every time the dog comes by and she looks, I say (with a smily happy voice) Look, it's your friend the dog, and beckon the dog towards us for a cuddle.

Keeping really positive tones when speaking to either in the other's presence from the beginning helped them get used to each other.

However I have heard that if babies cry alot dogs get upset - does your dog have his own place like a crate or basket in a quiet corner where he can go when things get too much for him?

In any case I am sure your dog will settle down and they will become great friends. When DD interacts with him a little more (which will come soon) he may feel better.

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