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Couple of spats now between DD & Grandma's dog

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JetLi Sun 31-Jul-11 18:54:09

We thought the first one was a one off. Dog is Gran & Granddad's & he is almost 3. Soft as a brush 99.99% of the time. On Saturday morning mum went to give DD (she has just turned 2) a couple of dry cheerios in her hand and the dog leapt, snarling and snapping. No contact was made, & it was all over so fast that we're not sure if he was after the food or DD or what. The first time it happened was a few weeks ago & our memory of it was hazy but we're pretty sure DD had a biscuit or some such snack & the dog did a similar thing. He sounds bloomin savage when he does it - scared the shit out of me anyway - but is that just blustering? He's a Yorkshire Terrier. Other than these two incidents he is fine.

I know nothing about analysing dog behaviour but are we looking at some kind of pack pecking order problem? We'd like to fix it if possible.

Thanks in advance

Avantia Sun 31-Jul-11 20:39:15

Wants the food - its in easy reach of him so will want it . I dont think its pack pecking .

Yorkshire terriers can be quite yappy and make a alot of noise for a small dog .

JetLi Sun 31-Jul-11 20:49:21

He isn't yappy. And he didn't bark as such when it happened. It was growl-y, snarl-y noises.

Avantia Sun 31-Jul-11 21:04:49

I do think its the food he wants nothing really about youor daughter as such - but he might end up nipping her as he goes for the food .

So either stop your DD eating food near dog , put dog out of room or get DD to sit at table, and in the meantime speak to Gran & Grandad to stop him doing it .

midori1999 Sun 31-Jul-11 21:09:07

I think this is something you need to see a decent behaviourist about and not something people can advise about over the internet. However, in the meantime, do not allow the dog anywhere near your DD when she has food, when the dog has food or when food is in the equation at all. I think I would also consider keeping the dog and your DD totally seperate until you have had professional advice, as if the dog does bite your DD, then what will happen to the dog? (although it doesn't sound like the dog intended to bite your DD, had he meant to he would have done so).

You can find a good behaviourist on the APDT or APBC websites. No-one in these organisations should mention pack theory or dominance or pecking order, but fit hey do, find someone else who doesn't. This isn't a pecking order, dominance or pack problem and pack theory is very putdated and disproven now anyway.

JetLi Sun 31-Jul-11 21:10:56

It was a family camping trip - my Mum was feeding all of us, not just DD. You think its just because she is nearest his height then? Not sure why it only happens with her specifically.

Ephiny Mon 01-Aug-11 11:07:43

Maybe it happens with her because he thinks he can get the food off her, whereas he knows adults wouldn't let him get away it (and are too tall for him to grab food out of their hands anyway)?

I agree about keeping dog and DD separate when food is around, e.g. make sure he's in a separate room if you need to give her a snack, and keep her out of his way when he's being fed. Maybe be careful about other things like toys as well, or is it just a food issue?

JetLi Mon 01-Aug-11 11:15:35

The two incidents were both food related. Its the snarling nastiness that comes with it that shocked everyone. It wasn't a cheeky, chance-his-paw at nicking a biscuit kind of incident IYSWIM. DD never bothers him - quite the opposite since she is only half a head height taller than him. She stays clear of him as he is pretty boisterous being still so young really, and he has his crazy half-hours tearing around the house like a lunatic smile It was of concern since he is never nasty you know? So out of character for him.
But thanks all for the advice.

Tchootnika Mon 01-Aug-11 20:33:51

Absolutely with midori1999 on this: definitely best to see a behaviourist, work on it, keep him away from DD until and unless he cna be trusted.
Whatever the reason for his behaviour, any agression towards DCs needs to be avoided to be fair to them and the dog. (Obvious, really, but just thought I'd add my voice...)

JetLi Mon 01-Aug-11 20:46:48

sorry midori I cross-posted - thank you for that - thanks also tchootnika

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