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Permit me a small rant, about Trevor the Terror... sorry, Terrier

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emptyshell Fri 29-Jul-11 11:12:20

So I've been taking the woofs out about half 8 in the morning - before the park gets busy, and meaning I can drive back as the traffic's quietened off from rush hour.

The last few days - the peace and tranquility has been rudely broken by the arrival of the ridiculously named Trevor.

You get a screech from when Trev arrives on the park (think Bianca in Eastenders screeching Riccccckkkyyy! for the level of it) - Trev come here, Trevooooor gerrrhere, if you don't come back I'm gonna kill you Trev, Trev, Trev, if I have to get you out of the bushes again Trev I'm gonna stick a lead on you Trev, Trevor come 'ere or I'm gonna kill you, gerrere Trev, Trev, Trevoooooooor"... it does NOT stop. Meanwhile Trevor the Terror is just running laps around and around every single dog on the park winding them all up oblivious to the ineffectual threats to his life, to put a lead on him, to take him home (can't say I blame him for tuning the screeching out tbh)! Will she fuck put a lead on it - nope... just screeches at him.

This morning Trev arrived - and about 10 owners promptly put leads on their dogs and headed for the exit!

Worst bit - not only has she got the completely untrained terror, but there's a puppy - totally out of control as well, lurching at anything that moves, biting and jumping around the lead... and it's somewhat larger than a terrier - it's a German Shepherd and I'm dreading the day that she finally lets that one off the lead as there's a heck of a lot more potential for harm there (and more potential for a bloody migraine as she screeches at two dogs).

Need to reassess walkie time to avoid Trev!

Pisky Fri 29-Jul-11 11:40:09

Rant away!

Sounds like a very irresponsible owner angry

AandK Mon 01-Aug-11 11:45:55

this woman really didn't think about what sort of dog she was getting when she got trevor. Terriers are notorious for being stubborn little sh*ts (I own 3).
They need a lot of strict training.

Advise her on buying a dog whistle too the silent type (not really silent but not a shrill whistle, perfect for terriers). I know you don't know her but just make a passing comment she may ask where you heard about them tell a little a porky that a friend got one off ebay. grin

DooinMeCleanin Mon 01-Aug-11 11:53:19

I have a Trevor sad. If I call him he looks at me and carries on running. He has a longline. He forgets he has a longline, so what actually happens is I call him, he stops, he looks at me, he runs, I stamp on the longline, I call him again and reel him in, eventually he realises there is no escape and he comes back willingly. He then refuses to run anywhere and lays down.

Buy her a longline. And hope she dissapears when the sun does. That is usually what happens with these kinds of dog walkers.

emptyshell Mon 01-Aug-11 15:43:31

Oh I'm waiting for the rain to send the idiots back home (like Incey Wincey Spider or something)!

I can't say I blame dear Trev - "get back 'ere or I'm gonna kill you" isn't exactly going to inspire me to turn tail and go trotting back to the source of the noise!

Was just funny hearing the first screeches of TREVOOOOOOORRRRR and watching all the other owners put their dogs on leads and leave, rapidly! I mean I've got an ASBO woof who loses the plot where bunnies and squirrels are concerned (when he's in that mood I'd only get his attention wearing a strap on bushy tail and climbing a tree) but gawd the screeching! (I'll let ASBO have a quick yomp through the woods if it's quiet and there aren't tonnes of kids playing in them - and I know he'll run his yomp loop and come back to us at the end of his little circuit)

Scuttlebutter Mon 01-Aug-11 17:14:45

Am grin at the thought of the strap on tail!!

emptyshell Mon 01-Aug-11 17:41:21

I actually realised this afternoon that I have the answer to everyone's recall problems.

If we could all only carry a fridge around us, and then whenever we wanted the dogs back we just open the door and bam.... insta doggy recall!

(Well it works on a stubborn greyhound and asbo-woof!)

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