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resident kitten and new dog?????

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CherryMandrake Thu 28-Jul-11 21:24:52

monster kitten is 14 weeks, getting a dalmation which is cat friendly and really soft by all accounts. not done a cat/dog introduction before as this is the first time i have had a cat.

bumpybecky Thu 28-Jul-11 22:04:46

I've just looked on your profile - that's a seriously cute little fluffy kitten! smile

I've been reading up on cat dog intros this week as we've just applied to become dog fosterers and have two resident adult cats. From what I've read it's a good idea to have the dog on a lead when they first meet (so the dog can't chase the cat if (s)he decides to run), and to take things very slowly, giving lots of treats to them both for good behaviour.

Also have read that it's a good idea to have places the cat can go that the dog isn't allowed (so have stair gates up etc) to give the cat somewhere it feels safe.

Not sure how that'll work in progress, we were home checked today and the lady brought her dog to make sure the kids were OK with dogs. Kids were fine but stroppy cat took a swipe at the dog and hissed loads!

CherryMandrake Thu 28-Jul-11 22:26:26

see thats what i mean! she isnt a cute fluffy little kitten now though, she is a slim, sleek mini moggy!!! that pic was taken the day i got her 7 weeks ago. the dog will not be allowed upstairs, and i can keep the front room door shut for this reason. fully intend to do intro's with the dog on the lead, and thankfully mog (stella) is a feisty little thing so not likely to run away. dog is used to cats as has lived with them before and apparently is a real softie so hoping it will all be ok. problem is, if they cant live together am not sure what to do as dog is a rescue and wont want to send her back, but cat been here 7 weeks already (although have been waiting for the dog for nearly 3 months now, she had medical issues, so was set up for her before i even got the cat)

tinyizzy Mon 01-Aug-11 17:15:54

Hi, totally agree with bumpybecky. We had our rescue parson russell terrier at 7 months old (now 3) who was fine with our two female three years old british blue cats, (who had never encountered a dog before!!) The dog was fine, as bumpybecky says keep dog on a lead at first and take things slowly, using a babygate was a great idea too!!

Cats were a bit hissy for first few days, but now one cat is very happy with dog and curls up alongside the dog and the other "tolerates" the dog and is a bit snooty, otherwise a happy home, Good luck with it all.

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