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Puppy Vaccinations

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Pisky Wed 27-Jul-11 14:44:11

Just phoned out local vet (who is also the vet puppy has been to with her breeder) to sort out vaccinations.

On the card from them I have it says booster due @10 weeks (which would be next tuesday) but the receptionist says I need to wait till four weeks after the original dose (which was 12/7/11 - 7 weeks) which would be 11 weeks.

The vaccine was Duramune DAPPI + LC if this makes a difference?

The kids and I would really like to be able to start taking her out and about as soon as possible, especially as it's school hols at the moment and I'm assuming we can't till about a week after the booster (is this correct?) so waiting an extra week to what we thought will be a pain! (But wouldn't want to risk taking her out until its safe as lots of dogs around here.

What's everyone else's experience?

On this website
it suggests that 10 weeks would be OK and that they need to be within 2-4 weeks.

Lizcat Wed 27-Jul-11 16:40:02

I use Duramune in my practice the puppy must be over 10 weeks of age and a minimum of two weeks from the last vaccination top have it's second injection. I would ask her to check with a vet and tell you have checked the NOAH compendium.

alice15 Wed 27-Jul-11 19:42:04

We use Duramune too, and 100% agree with Lizcat.

shivster1980 Wed 27-Jul-11 19:50:26

Yep that's the advice from my vet too:
10 weeks + in age, and at least two weeks between, plus a week after.

Just started taking our 2nd dog out aged 11 weeks, although as he is very small (5kgs) we had done a lot of taking him out in our arms previously.

Pisky Thu 28-Jul-11 09:46:41

Thank you!

Have just phoned them back to query and its been moved to the week before - so a day over 10 weeks instead.

One week earlier doesn't sound much till you have two kids age 6y and 8.5y who are desperate not to have to stay at home in the holidays!

We also have friends camping nearby the following week and now we'll be able to take her with us to visit then and have a full day out with our friends instead of only a few hours before having to go back to see to her. grin

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