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Dog - Swollen Third Eyelid - Advice Needed

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MarmadukeMarmalade Wed 27-Jul-11 08:51:43

Before I start we have taken our dog to the Vet and Eye Specialist, but wondered if any other MN may have come across this. Well, we have a nearly 3 year old Golden Retriever who since end of May has had a swollen 3rd eye lid (it's not Cherry Eye) which is now covering approx a third of his eye ball and the bit that show's (the corner nearest his snout) is red - he's not in pain and doesn't even seem to be aware of it. We took him to the eye specialist last week (referred by Vet) who says it isn't Horners Syndrome (she thinks) and the eye is perfectly healthy, reacts as it should and is not dry. She says it is just cosmetic and not to worry about it, her words were if he were my dog I'd take him home and not worry about it - at my insistence she has agreed to see him at end of August just to make sure it hasn't got any worse. BUT I think the 3rd eyelid has swollen a bit more since she saw him last week and looks redder to me - I will give her a call after 9 to see if I should take him in sooner. The Clinic is a specialist eye clinic with a good reputation! Has anyone ever come across this with their dog??? Please any advice or comment would be very appreciated! Really worried about my lad sad

Lizcat Wed 27-Jul-11 13:29:52

What are the qualifications of the eye specialist? I would also speak to your vet again - the ophthalmologist I use I would trust to the ends of the earth, other specialists if a client was happy I would help them get another opinion. So your own vet my be able to give you some advice on this.

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