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mmm i appeared to maybe be getting a companian for ralph

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misdee Mon 25-Jul-11 22:29:48

a cat!


i have been watching ralph very carefully over the last few weeks with the neighbour hood cats, he is curious about them but doesnt want to want to chase them. this was confirmed earlier when i went into the garden to peg some washing out and he was just sat watching a neighbours cat in the garden calmly. shock


over the next few weeks i am taking the girls and baby boy round to a friends house who has several cats and a litter of kittens to see if they have outgrown their allergies. partculally dd1+2 who are the ones who react massively in the past. dd1 has had cat-induced asthma attacks but last one was 6yrs ago, and dd2 hasnt had any eye-watering reactions for a year.

if they pass being in a house full of cats, then we may get a kitten.


am trying not to hope too much because if i take on a cat and the girls start reacting at home, it would break my heart to rehome a pet again, so am going to take it slow. and see.

minimu11 Tue 26-Jul-11 09:43:43

Please Misdee don't do this. Just give yourself time I can understand why you may want to get a cat but you have so much on your plate and the heartbreak of having to rehome another animal would be horrendous. Just enjoy Ralph and your lively DCs and give yourself time to breath.

misdee Tue 26-Jul-11 09:57:38

dont worry. dd2 had a mini-reaction last night.

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