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Am I insane? Thinking about another dog

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rogersmellyonthetelly Mon 25-Jul-11 22:01:41

I def don't want a puppy, one was quite enough! Peppa is very sociable out on walks and loves to play with other dogs. I've been thinking I have room in my heart for another staff, and there are so many out there who need homes. Money is thankfully not an issue, and we are about to a much bigger house with a huge garden. Would it be a lot more work with 2 or would it be easier in some ways as they will entertain each other like kids

chickchickchicken Mon 25-Jul-11 22:25:08

pros and cons to having two. it is a bit more work and they do entertain each other. but you would need to do some training separately initially and they can wind each other up. i think a few years age gap is a good idea or the house may be chaotic (depends on dogs though)

be warned, if you have two you may then end up with 3 like me!

how old is peppa? regarding staffies, if MJ doesnt see this post why dont you pm her? she is involved in rescuing staffs

MotherJack Mon 25-Jul-11 23:57:44

Well, I do have a lot of Staffie rescue contacts.... and I think I recall where you are Rogersmelly and not a million miles from me.... so I could point you in the right direction.

I would love to have 2 dogs, but I have come to understand that my (rescue within the last year so I am still getting to know her wrinkles) OldLady, despite being very well mannered around other dogs and accepting certain dogs in my house as guests likes to run around with herds of up to (hmmm... think it was 8 or 9 at best guess, a while ago) and then come home, kick up her heels and relax. She is old though... and possibly not well. You have to also bear in mind that dogs can be very sociable outside of the home but be reluctant to share their home, so if you were looking to rescue you would need to formulate a suitable plan to integrate them. It can be very easy... you just need to understand how and show a home checker that you understand how.

It's probably more work in some ways and less in others... and always a delight to see them play smile

I am soooo envy of certain facebook mates that post pic after pic of their Stafoos all playing together. The most active member of my most local rescue has 4 of them, plus a smattering of foster dogs from time to time envy

megapixie Tue 26-Jul-11 20:29:36

We have never had staffys, but we found getting another dog gave our older dog a new lease of life and he is so much more happier and less reliant on us. Before he'd follow me around everywhere, but now he's quite happy to stay in the garden and play with his new friend all day if they could! Makes my life easier and I love seeing them both happy. However, it can be more difficult training them if you're likely to be on your own with them alot.

emptyshell Wed 27-Jul-11 07:51:48

I've just gone from one to two. It's harder work than I anticipated (I'd anticipated double poo and what-not) in terms of having to be back on aware in the house in case anything kicks off, and adjusting to walking two is pretty rough going (I'm getting there). My two don't "play" together yet - they seem to be on two completely different timezones about when they want play and zoomies and general lunacy - so one's trying to egg the other one on when the other one is in bog off I can't be arsed mood and vice versa. Things like controlling two dogs getting out of the car is a bit of a pain to start with - I'm currently using the back door of my Micra (I have the back seats permanently down with dog bars behind the drivers seats for the dogs) to get in and out because it allows me to control the flow of dog much better - my little scoundrel first dog used it all as a chance to push his luck and try to get away with nonsense he's never allowed to get away with to start with as well.

In terms of feeding - it's making sure I had room for two sets of bowls and not next to each other - meaning we've got bowls on a stand right by the back door and I'm forever stubbing my berluddy toe on the thing! One of mine is a completely un-aware of the outside world greyhound though so possibly harder going than a dog with some experience of life outside a racing kennel would be and I ain't bewailing getting her at all - jsut trying to describe how the adjustment going from one to two is.

On the plus side - it's calmed a little bit of the first dog's lunacy in the car down (he can't dance from side to side as she's splatted out within 2 seconds of getting IN the car and is hogging most of the available space) and coming into the room to two sets of waggy tail is better than one... although the hound has mastered giving you the adoring tail wag without getting out of bed!

penneyann Thu 28-Jul-11 00:08:39

Roger, please think long and hard about this. We have a retriever/collie cross since a puppy and 2 yrs ago we took in a stray fox terrier. Lovely little dog but not good with other dogs and would go to bite anyone that called to house etc. Our own dog ,who has such a fab ,gentle nature became very wary of him and actually began to lose her confidence etc. The walking of two dogs together was a nightmare. I had stupidly thought it would be a doddle but I was walking one overly friendly dog who loves meeting other dogs and one dog who tried to rip the head off every dog he met. It was horrible. It ended sadly when I had to have stray pts as he bit someone out walking and also bit me out of jealousy when I was stroking next doors new puppy. All I'm saying is its not as easy as it seems. Like you, I'd love to give a rescue dog a home as I have space,love etc but never again. So much easier now its back to one again. Good luck!

penneyann Thu 28-Jul-11 00:13:58

Emptyshell, my MIL took in a retired greyhound a few years ago and she has turned out to be the most docile,fab, loving pet ever. I never knew what great pets they make-and talk about a couch potato! I would love to have one myself but am sticking to one dog at a time.

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