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How do I recognise signs of first season and when is it likely to happen?

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rogersmellyonthetelly Fri 22-Jul-11 21:31:12

I can't believe my ickle weeny tiny puppy is now a strapping almost adolescent dog already! She has just lost her bottom canines yesterday and will be 6 months old on 1st august.
When can I expect her first season, and what signs should i look for? Will she become snappy and moody? I have small dcs so need to be extra vigilant of any signs so I can supervise if needs be, also we go away for a week on 29th July and my friend is sitting her for me at my house, but while she knows peppa she hasn't ever had a dog so she isn't going to know what to do if she does come into season!

Birdsgottafly Sun 24-Jul-11 18:54:52

She should be due any time after 6 months, my female has just had a show at 5 months.

Some will go off their food and just seem a bit down.

Normally their vulva swells and they may be sensitive and start cleaning themselves more.

In my JR i noticed that she smelt different about two days before.

Different females have different amounts of 'loss' and some are better at cleaning themselves than others, just keep her calm and sleeping in one place, without making her think that she has done anything wrong.

They are just like women, all different but not normally aggressive unless their private bits are very sore, any dog in pain can be defensive.

Remember that she is at her most 'attractive' to males after the main blood loss and even after two-three weeks, when she appears to have finished.

bobkate Sun 24-Jul-11 20:29:36

Hope this helps, I started a similar post about a month or so ago ( ) and there were some really useful tips on it!
We noticed the swollen vulva first and good job it was as she was brilliant at cleaning herself and it wasn't messy at all, which I must admit I was dreading.

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