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What amazing dog

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cedmonds Thu 21-Jul-11 23:50:37

We have my mother in laws dog at the moment as they are away. She started getting really restless and running up to ds and down stairs to where i was and then barking at me and doing the whole thing again. This went on for aboout 5 mins or so and then DS who has asthma had an attack. I think she must of known something was wrong but how i dont know.

chickchickchicken Fri 22-Jul-11 00:03:43

wow what an amazing and perceptive dog

seizure alert dogs are able to tell their owners when a seizure is imminent. i find this amazing.

cedmonds Fri 22-Jul-11 00:06:29

She wont leave his side she is not normally allowed up stairs and never tries but there was no stopping her, and she is not moving tonight from his side.

chickchickchicken Fri 22-Jul-11 00:22:11

aww she sounds like a lovely, caring dog

ds has asthma and one of my dogs stays right next to him when he is poorly. i think it is very sweet

chickchickchicken Fri 22-Jul-11 08:51:46

how is your ds today?

bumpybecky Fri 22-Jul-11 09:47:25

wow smile what a great dog, lots of treats for her today then smile

Tchootnika Fri 22-Jul-11 17:11:13

This story actually brought tears to my eyes! blush
It's very, very moving and interesting - dogs are such amazing animals.

Mollymax Fri 22-Jul-11 17:27:15

What a lovely story.
My Molly used to always snuggle up to me with her head on my lap, whilst we were having our fertility treatment, as though she was wishing for it to work.

AllTheYoungDoods Fri 22-Jul-11 17:48:12

What a fab dog! I think dogs are really sensitive to breathing issues - I remember once as a child I was mucking around with my friends and buried myself in the cushions of the sofa like I was drowning, and our spaniel went BALLISTIC.

I really hope your MIL's dogs aren't triggering the asthma, which would be a bit self-defeating for the clever doggie!

cedmonds Fri 22-Jul-11 23:59:11

Hi sorry i havent been on here been busy with ds.
Ds is doing ok thanks chickchickchicken. Still a bit chesty biut not to bad.
It not the dog triggereing his astma as he is always around them and we have a puppy.
The dog hasnt left ds side and she is lying on the floor next to him at the moment and any slight cough or movement she is right up to check he is ok. She is such a lovely dog and all her children are as well(one of which is our puppy)

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