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What do you do when another dog injures yours

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mymumdom Thu 21-Jul-11 15:41:26

and the other owner just walks away?
I'm wondering of anyone has any experience of this?
I can probably track down the other owner but he's a big man and just shrugged and said 'what can you do' as my dog stood there with a whole in her leg. Not nastily but he obviously wasn't interested in giving a shit.
We have insurance so ideally we'd like them to pay the excess at least.
Any ideas?

vjg13 Thu 21-Jul-11 17:02:06

This happened to one of my dogs about a month ago but the owner who was a nervous type said 'oh dear would he like a treat' before she walked off.

My dog needed 3 wounds stapling and antibiotics, painkillers, etc and it has taken 3 weeks to heal properly. I didn't know the dog or owner so have not reported to the dog warden as have very little information. I have warned over dog walkers about this dog.

vjg13 Thu 21-Jul-11 17:03:59

'other' not 'over' blush

If you can track down the address I would report to dog warden but I think they would only warn them and you will be very unlikely to get any money from them.

DogsBestFriend Thu 21-Jul-11 17:35:13

Some councils don't even have a dog warden any more, many merely fullfill the bare minimum legal requirement of having someone available to collect strays. So, don't hold your breath. sad

If however your council does have one of those rare bods, a DW, and if they are pro-active it's certainly in your interests to report it. Your council may have adopted the relatively new "Dog Control Orders" and if so they can slap one of those on the owner, requiring him to obey certain requirements or face the consequences.

The only way you'll gain the insurance excess though is to hope for the owner's decent nature to shine through or take out a civil legal action against him.

fruitshootsandheaves Thu 21-Jul-11 18:30:37

My dog has been injured twice by other dogs. Once when she was attacked by two dogs being walked by a dog walker. i still see the dog walker but as I didn't know which dog it was that had done it and not all of them are her dog's, I didn't do anything just paid the £270 vet bill. The dog herself made it worse by worrying the wound which made it worse.

The second time she was attacked at her agility class and it was a puncture wound in the back of her neck. I cleaned it myself and as she couldn't reach it it got better quite quickly again. The owner offered to pay any vet bills.

My dog has in her time caused a few bleeding ears and I am inclined to let it be rather than get into a confrontation but then I am a wuss and my dog is just as likely to be the guilty one next time and I wouldn't have the courage to ask someone to pay.
Good Luck I hope you get it sorted.

mymumdom Fri 22-Jul-11 07:08:08

The Lurcher is home and stitched up now and we've paid the bill so will leave it for now BUT I intend to walk in that park every day between now and suture removal, and tell all the dog walkers I meet what happened and when.
The Lurcher can be a bully with smaller dogs and has nipped a few on the bum without drawing blood, so I put her on a lead when we come across any and warn the owners. If she injured another dog, I'd definitely offer to pay, just as I would if I damaged someone elses car.
This dog was sitting at her owners feet when we joined the little group of people, and there was no growling or snarling before she attacked The Lurcher, only some intense staring going on. If she is dog-dog aggressive, her owner should warn other dog owners at least.

Lizcat Fri 22-Jul-11 11:25:43

Some police force will take this seriously. Some of you will remember last August bank holiday when Mobile Mop was only 15 weeks old he was nearly killed by a bull breed dog whilst minding his own business on a lead. In my panic and concern I picked him up and ran to my surgery to spend 4 hours saving his life - I should have stopped and got the owners details. We reported the incident to the police they came and took a statement from me, another lady who witnessed the incident also reported it an gave a statement and the area we were in had some video cameras and they checked all of them.
Unfortunatly they were unable to identify the individual, however, they hae kept the case open should the dog do it again and they catch the owner they can use the two together.

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