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MJ/staffies/new photo boast

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NewChicken Wed 20-Jul-11 20:39:31

I thought I would start a new thread to discuss how gorgeous staffies are and to show off my new pic of staffie we dogsat. she is pictured kissing my dog on a walk in the woods

(MJ tis I chick)

NewChicken Wed 20-Jul-11 20:39:58

oops pic on profile

5GoMadOnAZ650 Wed 20-Jul-11 20:43:24

This is my staffy Ruby.

NewChicken Wed 20-Jul-11 20:45:38

awww gorgeous she looks similar to my friend's staffy

only just learnt that there is a box you can tick to convert links, so in easy speak could you tell me how you can link to a photo please?

bumpybecky Wed 20-Jul-11 20:47:39

awww Ruby has such a great grin grin

bumpybecky Wed 20-Jul-11 20:52:07

and NewChicken I can't see dogs in the woods, just dogs on a beach on your profile confused

5GoMadOnAZ650 Wed 20-Jul-11 20:54:06

She is a real smiler isn't she grin

NewChicken Wed 20-Jul-11 20:54:40

o no, i'll check

bumpybecky Wed 20-Jul-11 21:08:21

awww doggy kisses! grin

MotherJack Wed 20-Jul-11 22:26:51

Ahhh.. stafoos are blimmin lovely. I take no convincing grin

NewChicken Wed 20-Jul-11 22:30:51

<waves to MJ. its chick>

NewChicken Wed 20-Jul-11 22:32:24

MJ - are you involved in staffie rescue? a friend has two rescue staffies and they are gorgeous. its very very sad that some in our local rescue have been there for months and months. did you see the blue cross programme?

MotherJack Wed 20-Jul-11 23:03:11

I do fundraising, homechecks and transporting for all breed rescues, Chick, although I tend to sway towards the bull breed ones and do the extra mile (or 500 in one case). But dogs are dogs - and I really do love them all and make no discrimination to see them out of danger or in a good home if I can help.

I didn't see the Blue Cross thing, no. I don't really watch that much telly but in any case I get loads of things sent via the internet to watch and they are in the main bloody painful to watch so I tend to spend the rest of my time avoiding it... especially mainstream as it only scratches the surface and as such, whilst part of me is grateful that awareness is being raised it is no where near the real truth.. which is unbearable some days. Especially the accepted vitriol and related abuse to Staffords. Some people are beyond words, sadly.

But yes, Staffords are bloody wonderful, ill represented creatures who deserve a makeover in the public eye smile

NewChicken Wed 20-Jul-11 23:23:12

the blue cross programme was an 'undercover boss' one and focused more on the running of the organisation than the animals. ceo of blue cross said she was not aware of the magnitude of the staffy problem. my feelings were bewilderment at that statement. now she does realise i wonder what strategies she will implement? something needs to be done for the poor staffies. it is incredibly sad to see so many in rescue

a friend has two staffies and they are complete softies. she has since rehomed a kitten. guess who is the boss? it is very funny to watch the dogs check its ok to eat in case the cat wants first nibs on their food. dogs arent scared of the cat but they do know their place in pecking order and it aint above the cat! the cat will daintily eat one of their biscuits to prove a point and then saunter off smile

DooinMeCleanin Wed 20-Jul-11 23:28:00

My cat just gives my dogs disdainfull looks. Especially foster grey, when she sniffs his bum. She is still not entirely sure what exactly he is, so she tends to spend the day following him around with her nose stuck to his butt hmm

Your staffy dog-sit looks very sweet NewChick and I love your grinning Staffy 5gomad, that is what I love about staffs, those grins. How anyone can think that is scary is beyond me grin

MotherJack Wed 20-Jul-11 23:46:41

Lol Chick! Bear used to have to give up all dignity to bow before my cat, too! As a pup, he was regularly seen being chased the full length of the garden by the cat grin. It settled down beautifully though.... in so much as Bear used to groom the cat until he turned his ears inside out and they stuck there as they were so wet and then, as Bear was manoeuvering his bum into position on the sheepskin on front of the stove, would almost invariably sit on the cat's head in his effort to snuggle up close. But if said cat was stationed in said dog's bed in the bedroom, it was his. The dog would have slept doing a handstand int he back garden rather than risk challenging that particular territory. Hilarious grin

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