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Any Doberman owners here?

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jetsetlil Tue 19-Jul-11 10:43:21

Hello. After about two years of delibrating we have decided to get a dog and pretty sure we want a Doberman. We looked at loads of breeds and the Doberman ticked all of our boxes ie loyal, intelligent, energetic and protecting. However whenever I have mentioned it to anyone they react with horror and tell me how dangerous they are!!! I have always understood that its bad training (or no training) that causes dogs to behave badly. I just wondered if we should stick to the breed we have chosen and are we going to be given a wide berth on walks? Thank you.

multitask Tue 19-Jul-11 10:54:32

Any that I know and have known have been wonderful dogs, all brought up and trained correctly, from good breeders in the hands of owners who train them right. Poviding you are going to buy from health tested parents, from a good breeder with well socialised puppies and you are going to put the work in it then you will have wonderful dog for life. If people give you a wide berth, so what lol..

DooinMeCleanin Tue 19-Jul-11 11:02:04

I grew up with a doberman and she was the most wonderfull, loving, loyal dog you ever have had the pleasure of knowing. She thought she was one of the children and when my mum shouted us all to line up for 'medicine' (halib orange) the dog was always at the back of the queue grin, of course she never got any, but that didn't stop her lining up.

We took her to the vets one day with a limp. The vet was quite perplexed as there was absolutely nothing wrong with her. Then he saw me hobble out on my sprained ankle. She had a sympthay limp, bless her.

The children in the street would call for her to play out with them. There is now a whole street fukll of people who no longer believe that Dobes are hell hounds, thanks to that dog.

I know they say never to leave dogs unattented with children and I never do and never would. There are only two dogs I have met in my whole life I would trust wholly with my children and she would have been one of them.

I honestly cannot speak highly enough of her or the breed. She passed away in my arms when she was 12, I was about 14. I have never owned a dog like her since and I doubt I ever will again.

CalamityKate Tue 19-Jul-11 11:05:26

What Multitask said.

DMC - what a lovely dog she sounds!

jetsetlil Tue 19-Jul-11 11:44:30

Thank you for your replies! We are def committed 100% to its training. We have thought long and hard about getting a dog and all that entails. We have two kids one 12 and one 20 and they are totally on board about the raising and training of it and we want it to be another member of our family. Its a shame that there is such negativity about Dobermans but as I will be walking it sometimes alone its maybe not such a bad thing that people are reluctant to approach. Its brilliant that I can come on here for advice as i'm sure I will need some when we get our puppy! Thanks

Ephiny Tue 19-Jul-11 13:45:14

No, but we have a Rottweiler and got similar reactions when we told people, compounded by the fact he's a rescue dog. Occasionally get negative or wary reactions when out and about, but most people are fine with him, and anyone who knows him loves him, because he's the most friendly, gentle, sweet-natured boy you can imagine. Very good breed ambassador actually, it's nice to see him changing people's misconceptions about the breed.

Haven't had a Dobermann of my own but all the ones I've known have been nice dogs. The reputation is not their fault. I really don't believe there's any such thing as a bad/dangerous breed, even the dreaded Pit Bulls are often absolutely lovely, the problems are caused by bad owners and unsuitable homes. You sound like you can provide a lovely home and sensible approach to training/exercise etc though!

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