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2 border terrier sisters fighting, what should i do ?

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positivesteps Tue 19-Jul-11 09:50:01

My dad has one of the dogs and I have the other so thEy live separately but he has gone away for 10 days and I have his dog staying. We meet up regularly normally when he's here with the dogs so they know each other well.. But his dog keeps attacking my dog . If I touch my dog at all she starts an awful fight. I feel on edge with it all. It might be that she is in season or both not sure but still its not good.
Been reading on the internet that when they fight 2 bitches will always remember and it will never improve luckily they don't live together but it also said they shouldn't be left alone especially when iwhen in season. They have only fought in front of me and my husband and have been sleeping in the kitchen at nights together but in seperate beds and have been fine but I'm worried about leaving. them together. If I separate them then I've read it could cause more problems eg when they meet up again eg walks, in house, etc could fight more. don't know if I could keep them completely separate for so long , don't have huge house and only small yard . So should I try and find somewhere else for my dads dog to stay ? Really have no idea where she could go and worried about kennels.
What should I do ?


CalamityKate Tue 19-Jul-11 11:08:54

I don't see that you've got any option other than to separate them. Far better to do that and avoid injuries and further bad feeling between them.

Bitch fights DO tend to be more vicious and they do tend to hold grudges more than males do.

Why aren't they spayed?

chickchickchicken Tue 19-Jul-11 11:23:12

i read your thread in chat and before i could reply you also posted here. good idea to post here as you will probably could get a range of opinions from dog people and then you can choose which you think is most appropriate.

i have to say straightaway that your post in chat, i quote "My husband had shouted at it and grabbed it and put out door with a kick up the bum - didn't hurt it but it did it again last night. Its very wilful maybe terrier in it." shocked me. not only is that unkind and cruel behaviour it will not help the problem, and very possibly make it worse

as dog is only with you for 10 days i would separate them in the house. out of the house they may okay to go on walks together. feed them separately in the house and if they are likely to get possessive over toys/treats remove them whilst visiting dog is there

is your dad contactable? could you ring him for advice?

chickchickchicken Tue 19-Jul-11 11:28:44

"It might be that she is in season or both not sure but still its not good."

you need to find out if she is in season so you can take steps to avoid any accidental matings. when mine was first in season a neighbours dog, who was too small to jump over our fence, actually burrowed underneath the gate (must have taken hours) to try and get to our dog when she was in season. obviously, if you are in any doubt regarding being in season or not then she has to be supervised and on lead walks only.

have you seen any blood? is she swollen? these would indicate she is in season.

DogsBestFriend Tue 19-Jul-11 11:56:32

Have replied on your Chat thread. smile

midori1999 Tue 19-Jul-11 15:33:03

Seperate them and be extremely careful about future contact. I wouldn't normally condone them, but something like a Pet Corrector (compressed air) is good for giving them a shock to seperate them in an absolute emergency during a serious fight. As they are small dogs I would imagine the risk of being bitten if you try and physically seperate them is higher.

I have two bitches here (Mother and Daughter) who had a fight one day and then another a week or so later having been fine (seemingly) in between. They now have to be kept seperate at all times, they fight instantly on sight and it is not nice at all. They have seriously injured each other a couple of times prior to us deciding that they simply can't be allowed together ever again. Not even for a second.

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