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Anyone with any knowledge of Pound Puppy Rescue in Dorset?

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MotherOfGirls Sun 17-Jul-11 13:22:52

We are hoping to meet a collie cross pup who is being fostered via this rescue centre, with a view to him joining our family. Apparently the whole littter came from a dog pound in Ireland but we don't have any more info at present. Has anyong had any experience of this organisation?

Also, if we do adopt him, we hope to crate train him but can anyone advise us on how to handle the first few nights at home, before he has had a chance to become happy in his crate?

reelingintheyears Sun 17-Jul-11 13:28:46

We got our collie there about 8 years ago..

They will come and check over your house/garden and decide if your ok to have a puppy/dog from them.

I think the womans name is Jane and we collected our dog from a 'foster' family in Colehill near Wimborne.

She was quite mad to start with and is still a bit bonkers but much,much calmer.

I don't actually know what crate training is but they do need alot of attention and exercise.

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