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Our rescue dog came home with us yesterday

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gregssausageroll Sun 17-Jul-11 08:00:28

And he smells. The house smells already.

He is a Weimeraner. Is it ok just to chuck him in the bath and use human shampoo or should we leave him and the smell will go as he releases his own oils? He was a kennel dog during the day.

bamboobutton Sun 17-Jul-11 08:02:26

wash him with a special dog shampoo, human stuff will irritate his skin.

chickchickchicken Sun 17-Jul-11 09:14:43

fabreze, dyson and essential oils are your friends. use on the house though and not the dog grin

as he will still be settling in i wouldnt bath him (unless he needed to for his own wellbeing). when you do use dog shampoo

gregssausageroll Sun 17-Jul-11 09:35:44

We have a meile cat and dog and I am a yankee candle fan!

Scuttlebutter Sun 17-Jul-11 09:45:47

Good choices of vacuum and candles! All dogs that come out of kennels have a very distinctive "kennel" smell, which does wear off after a few days and their "own" aromas come through, along with all the lovely things they roll in grin

Wait until your dog is settled nicely and then give them a bath, but use dog shampoo, which is very gentle.

Other things which can minimise smells are to make sure you wash dog beds, blankets and all soft furnishings that the dog comes into contact with etc on the hottest wash you can as regularly as possible. This will also help in the ongoing battle against fleas. If you go on very wet muddy walks by car, then consider keeping a towel in the car for the worst of the oomska, we also have fabric covered dog beds in the boot which also absorb a lot of the stuff (again, chucked in washing machine regularly). Plenty of airing in the house, and don't forget to groom regularly even though he is short haired (nice to do this out in the garden). I'd also go as far as to say carpets are difficult to manage with dogs (downstairs anyway) unless you are prepared to spend a lot of time using steam mops and carpet cleaners. It's much easier to have flooring that does not absorb and retain smells the way carpet does.

higgle Sun 17-Jul-11 13:01:57

Bath him with dog shampoo after a couple of days. Our rescue dog arived stinking to high heaven of the kennel smell, and he just seemed generally dirty. After a good bath ( which he enjoyed) he was much better, but it did take a couple of weeks before he remained odour free. I'm sure visitors to our house might wonder about the shampoo in the bathrooom that promises to keep your hair white and wirey!

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