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Aew, my foster Grey might not be with us for much longer. She might have a new home

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DooinMeCleanin Sat 16-Jul-11 23:25:20

It's a very nice new potential home. They already have two dogs, a Lurcher and a Whippet and two cats. The man is home all day, so she won't be left alone and they get to go to the beach to run every day. Sometimes they are joined by another two dogs, a terrier x and another Whippet.

The lady is very interested, which is most odd, it is usually her Husband who pesters for new pets. They were meant to be getting a 'bastard Jack Rusell' who stayed with them for a few days, but the owners decided to give it to their Grand daughter as she missed him too much, so they now they are thinking of adopting my Grey instead.

Scuttlebutter Sat 16-Jul-11 23:39:33

Ooh, exciting. Keep us posted. Love the sound of the BJRT.

chickchickchicken Sat 16-Jul-11 23:43:00

<checks my BJRTs are beside me on the sofa>

RidcullySentTheBursarMad Sat 16-Jul-11 23:43:32

Awww, sad for you, but sounds lovely for your foster grey.

Giong to the beach every day - wouldn't mind that myself!

chickchickchicken Sat 16-Jul-11 23:44:51

smile love the sound of the husband pestering her for more pets

it sounds promising, keep us updated

DooinMeCleanin Sat 16-Jul-11 23:45:35

The beach is not that exciting when you have lived near one all your life. The dogs still love it though smile Well, whippy does, Devil Dog stays on his lead.

LordOfTheFlies Sun 17-Jul-11 01:09:34

Is this your first 'foster dog'. In which case be proud of yourself that you have done your part in this greyhounds life and made a difference.
And to poach a quote from fostering:
The first one takes a piece of your heart when they leave which the other ones will fill
Assuming you are going to foster again.( Go -wan Mrs Doyle, Father Ted voice)

And at least unlike Scuttle you won't be a failed fosterer -Rasp! grin

Joolyjoolyjoo Sun 17-Jul-11 01:13:11

Aw- job well done! And now you'll be ready for the next one grin I take my hat off to all who foster- it must be hard, but at least you have the satisfaction of having given your grey a good in-between home.

DooinMeCleanin Sun 17-Jul-11 01:37:03

I get the feeling I might still see her often grin. It might be a very easy goodbye. I'm sure I will still miss tripping over her on a daily basis, but I am continuing to foster, so I'll have another dog to trip over soon enough smile

DogsBestFriend Sun 17-Jul-11 01:55:35

Lovely news but I bet it'll tug your heartstrings all the same.

Of all my foster dogs there was a young Cocker cross who I still think... if only... of.

He already had a home lined up when I fostered him so I knew he couldn't be for keeps, but... but... if only... smile

Scuttlebutter Sun 17-Jul-11 09:33:50

Yes, there's always one who just goes straight to your heart. blush Yes, I am a failed fosterer - said failure is lying right behind my computer chair on TWO duvets making pathetic squeaking noises if I forget to tickle him for a second.

Do keep in touch with her adopters though. We've done this, made new friends along the way, and it's a wonderful feeling to see the dog you gave a start to, enjoying their forever home.

DooinMeCleanin Sun 17-Jul-11 11:15:45

I will definitely be keeping in touch. I'd be out of babysitters if I didn't grin.

chickchickchicken Sun 17-Jul-11 11:17:31

eh? who is adopting her? confess grin

DooinMeCleanin Sun 17-Jul-11 11:22:33

You don't recognise the two dogs they already own? The Lurcher boy and the crazy Whippet? Or the two who sometimes join them on playdates? The devilish terrier x and the teeny whippet?

I thought you would have all guessed it since I post about them often grin.

If I tell you they also own a rather large caged bird, who like to taunt dogs, you might guess.

chickchickchicken Sun 17-Jul-11 11:30:10

grin i remember the talking parrot wannabe dog trainer

DooinMeCleanin Sun 17-Jul-11 11:37:55

My mum rang last night to tell me she wanted her. She wants a nice dog to cuddle and my dad's dogs are ever so slightly crazy grin

Scuttlebutter Sun 17-Jul-11 14:02:20

Awwwww. This is such a happy ending, and you'll get to see her very often too. grin

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