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Is it possible for dog to learn how to get on with cats?

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kid Mon 11-Jul-11 19:04:36

My dog is just over a year old and is very interested in chasing cats.
He used to try and chase birds but he has learnt to ignore birds when he is walking on lead.

The other day, a cat came into our garden while dog was out there. He charged at the cat and narrowly missed it, I'm talking cms away from it. I was terrified and I'm sure the cat was too! I don't intend on getting a cat, but I would like dog to be able to ignore them like he does the birds.

Is it possible or should I just accept that he will never like cats? My parents do have a cat but it hates him, it hisses and charges at him if he gets too close. I guess thats not going to help him like cats.

LetThereBeCupcakes Fri 15-Jul-11 15:50:15

What breed is he? My lab charges to cats and tries to play with them - very different to a dog chasing the cat off!
It'll be a difficult habit to break since it's being reinforced every time he does it - he wants the cat gone, he charges, the cat legs it, job done. If you desperately want him to stop doing this, you're going to have to teach him a pretty amazing recall (which not all dogs / owners will manage) or a strong alternate behaviour, like down or "on your bed".
Do you go to regular training classes? Both approaches are pretty advanced and you'd need to get the basics covered first. I can PM you more detail on training if you're interested.

kid Fri 15-Jul-11 18:42:44

He is a springer spaniel.
We don't attend classes but did for 6 weeks when he was a puppy. I've also had some 1:1 training with him to improve his recall which is better but not great!

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