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Lab puppy food?

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multitasker Mon 11-Jul-11 17:15:23

We have just got a 10 week old puppy and the breeder recommended James Wellbeloved food. Its fine and I can get it from our local pet food store. Just curious as to what others are feeding theirs and at what stage to move on to a "dog" food.

clam Mon 11-Jul-11 19:14:05

kingsroadie has done some impressive research (as have others) on what's in puppy food. Come and visit the new puppy thread. Rubbish at links but think it was at some point over this last week (just so you don't have to trawl through hundreds of posts).

Happymm Mon 11-Jul-11 20:56:36

We have a 14 wk old lab. She's on pro plan puppy food (various flavours) which she came to us from the breeders from. I haven't changed it as a)she likes it b)it suits her c)have 4/5 hard poos a day, unlike some of my fellow puppy owners who have all had various episodes of runny poo. This may be just her though, as if you visit the new puppy owners thread then you'll see some on JWB who've abandoned it due to poo issues, and some who love it.

According to the pack, pro plan puppy food takes her through to 12months (has some extras like colostrum in). Think labs mature a bit slower hmm so that may account for it.

She also has some fresh fruit and veg, likes carrots, apples, pears, courgettes, cucumber, peas (with pod attached;these she digs up out of the veg patch angry Our butcher also gives her some brisket bones which she adores.

multitasker Mon 11-Jul-11 22:08:13

Thanks for that, he is a bit on the runny side when it comes to poos so might look into alternatives.

daisydotandgertie Tue 12-Jul-11 15:18:21

I always feed puppies either Burns mini bites or Fish 4 puppies. They're both good quality, low output foods which provide all the necessary nutrients for a fast growing lab puppy. JWB is a good quality food - my current puppy came home on it - but it has been known to cause a runny bum.

But. There's always a but. Puppies will also produce a Mr Whippy stylie poo if they're being over fed (other reasons too, but over feeding is most common) in terms of quantity. Do you know how much he weighs, how much you're feeding him and how much the breeder fed him?

A runny bum is also very likely if he's only just got home - it's a very stressful period for a puppy and the stress sometimes shows itself in poo quality! Sometimes even a change in drinking water is enough to unsettle a young tummy.

Obviously, if it's proper runny bum, rather than Mr Whippy keep a very close eye on it and head to the vets if it goes on for more than 24 hours. If it's watery poo I'd go to the vets straight away.

Labs do grow quickly (my youngest is now 11 weeks old and is gaining just under a kg a week - she was 7.1kgs at puppy class last night - and she's mainly working bred) and while there's no doubt they need good nutrition they also need to avoid piling on masses of weight while they still have comparatively soft joints and little muscle strength. I feed puppy food until about 6 months and then onto adult food.

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