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My puppy bit someone

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Howdoesjuliancope Mon 11-Jul-11 15:22:47

i took my puppy to be groomed for the first time today - she didn't really need it but the breed club recommend doing it as early as possible because her poodly coat will need clipping twice a year and she needs to get used to it.

I left her for an hour and stayed nearby (cafe next door) in case there were any problems but didn't get a phone call so returned an hour later assuming it had all gone well.

Basically it seems that she was really well behaved throughout bathing, clipping, nail clipping, cutting hair around eyes, drying etc but when they came to attempt the last thing - plucking hair in ears - she whipped round and bit the groomer.

The groomer was lovely - said it often happened with puppies and that she could understand the shocked reaction to an uncomfortable procedure etc, and that although she had to stop plucking she kept hold of pup until she calmed down (since then pup had been fine with her, licking her, taking treats). She recommended that I do it myself until she is comfortable with having it done, but said that we are welcome back for any other grooming.

Anyway - do I need to do anything else? As a novice, do I need to worry that she might think it is OK to bite if put in an uncomfortable position from now on? She has been very subdued since picking her up, and is now asleep.

Incidentally' I don't really know how bad the bite was-groomer said the bandage made it look worse than it was but was company regulations to bandage to protect against infection. It had certainly broken the skin.

mdoodledoo Mon 11-Jul-11 15:43:41

I know absolutely nothing about Poodly coats but I think I'd be tempted to bite if someone tried to pluck my ear hair. There's lots we ask our animals to tolerate that they probably don't much like, and maybe your pup will grow to tolerate the ear thing - but I suspect you'll have to work at it.

As for breaking the skin - remember that puppy teeth are super sharp and so it doesn't necessary take a very hard bite to draw blood.

diddl Mon 11-Jul-11 16:08:54

Plucking ear hair-poor puppy!

Is it really necessary?

ScaredOfCows Mon 11-Jul-11 16:38:09

It is necessary with Poodles, but you can get powder to put in the ear to make it easier. Better to do it yourself once a month though.

Howdoesjuliancope Mon 11-Jul-11 16:45:14

I agree - I would hate it too!

The breed club do recommend plucking as their ears are very matted with fur that can make infections more likely, and they also recommend getting pups used to it as soon as possible.

However I did plan to do this myself initially, building up to it gradually iyswim, and had no idea it would be done today. It wasn't mentioned to me as being part of the package, and I didn't ask for it to be done. Poor puppy.

My worry is just that this might make her see biting as an effective response and want to make sure I deal with it properly (if anything needs to be done at all).

Howdoesjuliancope Mon 11-Jul-11 16:45:54

Will look for that scaredofcows, thank you.

clam Mon 11-Jul-11 18:03:15

Replied on other thread.

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