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Help with puppy please

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twojues Mon 11-Jul-11 14:16:57

Puppy keeps biting and pulling at my older dog's neck and has now made Bailey's neck sore and weepy. He is getting too cocky for his own good.

Bailey will growl, but won't really do it loud or angry enough so pup keeps on at him.

Any ideas what I can do to stop him. I am taking Bailey to the vet tonight as I think he needs some fuciderm to clear his neck up. On examining Bailey's neck I can feel a lump too, so need to get that checked out.

AandK Mon 11-Jul-11 14:37:32

You need to discipline the puppy. you wouldn't allow it to do it to a strangers dog would you? My pesky puppy can annoy my older dog but I discipline him to give him space I also got him a teddy (its a monkey actually) for him to rag and chew and he really loves it so maybe try that Xx

twojues Mon 11-Jul-11 14:49:10

I've tried disciplining him. He is ok for a little while and then starts again. I put the puppy in his pen to give Bailey a break. It only seems to be in the evening that he does it. Bailey growls at him, but I floored him last night and he hasn't really tried it much today.

I have put a bandana round Bailey's neck for the moment so pup can't get at his skin.

He has a couple of teddies that I give him instead, but he keeps trying it on with Bailey. If it was a stranger's dog I hope it would tell him off, that's what he needs, but Bailey is too calm.

AandK Mon 11-Jul-11 16:02:05

Bailey sounds like my patient dog who puts up with a lot but I kind of new that Oscar was bugging George far too much maybe if he goes for the next try using that make a high pitched sound technique to distract him from doing it and see if that works Xx

twojues Mon 11-Jul-11 18:08:19

Just got back from taking Bailey to the vets about his weepy neck. £97 later!!!!

Course of antibiotics, hibiscrub to scrub it with plus fuciderm cream. Is £28.50 expensive for a first consultation fee?

AandK Tue 12-Jul-11 08:16:53

omg yes £15 at my vet! I would have bought the hibiscrub and fuciderm cream online too and only paid for the anitbiotics. This is the website I use bear with me I'm crap at adding links

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