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Lupi harnesses. Good or bad?

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DooinMeCleanin Thu 07-Jul-11 12:33:11

Okay, so Dh is having a tantrum about having to control the sighthounds when they are left at home, while Devil Dog and one sighthound is out on their walk. They get quite distressed.

I now have a proper collar for the grey that she cannot escape, although she still tries. My problem in walking all three together now is that my two have ben trained to walk one either side of me. They now have a coupler thing that attatches them together so they can be walked on one lead.

Being so close to each other they have decided I obviously I want them to attempt to race each other hmm. I cannot correct the puller as they're both on the same lead. Devil Dog will not wear a gentle leader. He gets extremely aggressive if I try to put one on him. Whippy will wear one, we used one for training her to be calm around other dogs. She is fine with it, but surely being on the coupler I'd need them both to be attatched at the same place and not one at the head and one at the back?

I will still be taking one single dog out a few days a week, to do proper training and recall with them and will use training along with the lupis.

daisydotandgertie Fri 08-Jul-11 09:47:42

I have my four on separate leads - and they all walk on my left hand side. I couldn't work with a coupler sort of thing because occasionally I need to remind the younger ones where they're supposed to be.

I do work the leads quite a lot as we walk along though - but only with my fingers, just as a reminder of what I expect. I'd avoid a lupi like the plague because I don't think it actually teaches them what you're after. Keep them on separate leads and work the leads to remind them what you're after.

DooinMeCleanin Fri 08-Jul-11 10:13:48

How do you manage to correct the right dog with all the leads in one hand? That's the bit I am struggling with. They are fine when walked one on each side, but them on the same side and they think it's party time.

I've tried walking one on the grey's side, but sheis not used to lead walks and needs bringing into the right position herself, I need a whole arm to do this, as she is very strong, plus if my dogs are in her way she will just walk through them, iyswim and we end up in a tangled mess.

I was planning on clicking and treating when they are in the right position on the lupis and still continuing their seperate training walks on the normal collar and leads, rather thhan solely relying on the lupis.

daisydotandgertie Fri 08-Jul-11 17:37:51

I hold a lead between each finger, so all of them have a side of my hand, iyswim, then I can twist my hand to send a message down each of the leads. I do keep the leads short though - on the basis that mine have to know that when they're on the lead, everything that happens is the way I need it to. They don't get to stop and sniff, nor to walk ahead of me or behind.

The way I do it is going to be impossible if they are pullers though!

Do your dogs always walk on the same side when you have them separated? Do they pull at any time or do they just trot along on a short lead? Do they cross sides and weave about - or stay where you've put them?

From what you've said, the grey is the one who needs the most work - and teaching about lead walking and how to do it. Is it too hard to take them out separately until they get the hang of it? It honestly won't take forever.

The other 2 just need to learn how to walk together on the same side and it sounds as though they're really good on separate sides, so a lead each on the same side should crack it quite quickly. When I'm teaching lead walking, the minute someone pulls I do an immediate 360 and head off in the opposite direction - not everyone uses that method, but it's worked like a charm for mine. I'd do the same with 2 - a hint of a pull and a quick about face. Half an hour - maybe an hour at most of that sorted out my worst puller. The only other thing is I don't teach it on the way to a walk because the walk anticipation is so exciting - I do it afterwards, or completely separately.

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