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Elderly dog has to have teeth out.

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Heavymetalmater Tue 05-Jul-11 08:22:13

my mums 13 year old jrt has just got back from the vets. Apparently her teeth are bad and plaque is falling off them. She has a heart murmour and the plaque may be making it worse. The vet recommends she have all her teeth out. I am guessing this will involve a general anaesthetic.

I am concerned that this is risky given her age and also the poor thing will be left toothless.

Anyone with experience?

ellangirl Tue 05-Jul-11 09:35:26

my mum's little daschund is almost completely toothless, and manages fine. Better no teeth and healthy gums, than diseased teeth and gums. She will just have to have soft dog food (but not too rich, as she is a bit older) or soaked small kibble. Not sure about the anaesthetic- don't know anything about the risks to older dogs I'm afraid.

Lizcat Tue 05-Jul-11 10:03:07

Most of the dogs that have dentals are elderly and so the vets and nurses are very aware of the risks and extra care that need to be taken. They are absolutely right when terriers have a heart murmur it is usually a faulty valve and the bacteria from the teeth get in the blood stream attach to the faulty valve and make the heart murmur and heart failure much worse.
There are many older dogs out there with no teeth who once their mouth has healed go back to eating hard kibble.

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