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Limping doggy [sad]

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2littlegreenmonkeys Mon 04-Jul-11 08:42:06

Both of our dogs go to PIL's for a holiday and break (away from the DD's, wish I could go sometimes wink ) occasionally. PIL brought them back a couple of days ago saying they have been fine and no probs. Both dogs are my little old ladies now, Chyna is 13 and the Molly 11/12 (rescue).

We all (DD's, DH & myself) took them out for a walk yesterday, not a long one though. Now our Molly (we think collie cross of some type) is limping with her front left leg. I have checked her foot for cuts and stones etc and had a look along her leg and there seems to be nothing immediately noticeable.

She doesn't cry or yelp when I move it and she can weight bear slightly. I am no vet but TBH it looks more like her shoulder is giving her some gyp.

I think she is going to need a vet, we are skint. Suppose this is what happens when we get dogs pre DC when we both worked and had disposable income shock

<goes off to choose one of DH's guitars to pawn>

chickchickchicken Sat 09-Jul-11 16:49:06

how is she now? any better?

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