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What are your dog's favourite games?

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jensape Sun 03-Jul-11 22:30:20

My dog loves:-
super soaker game - absolutely loves chasing jets of water fired across grass with kids super soakers
bubbles - chasing and eating bubbles
towel game - after drying her feet she loves a game of tug with the towel
Hide & seek - daughter runs and hides on walk and then she runs at top speed to find her and get a treat
Tag - I pretend to be a dog and chase her - it keeps me fit but I can never catch her! She has an extremely fast change of direction!

What do your dogs like? Looking for new games to play!

Jaynerae Sun 03-Jul-11 22:45:55

Glad you started this thread! I really struggle to keep my Beagle occupied! She won't play really, whatever toy you get to play with her she just wants to get hold of, run off with it and rip it to bits. My CKCS on the other hand loves any game involving a ball, but beagle just wants to nick and destroy it which is such a shame.

Beagle will only play games that involve food, I throw kibble she jumps to catch it.
I fill empty cardboard box with scrunched up newspaper and scatter treats in side, close box by bending four parts of the lid and let her find out how to get out treats. Obviously lots of tidying up after!

Put some kibble in an empty plastic bottle and let her try and get it out (no lid on)

Through kibble all over lawn and let her sniff it out.

Treat balls and kongs

Have bought childrens play tunnel from toys r us and am teaching them to go through it.

DH made me some weaves poles as well.

Practice obedience training - Beagles favourite pass time!

jensape Mon 04-Jul-11 14:00:13

Thanks Jaynerae. I will try kibble in plastic bottle- that might keep her amused for a while!
Come on everyone ....there must be more of you out there who play some original games with your dogs that we would all love to hear about!

chickchickchicken Sat 09-Jul-11 16:56:46

mine likes fetching named items to me, for example 'fetch inhaler' he will search house for it and then bring to me and get a treat. he loves it. downside was that he tried to bring me a collection of stuff without being asked and looked at me pleadingly for a treat. i ignored this (it was hard to ignore!) and he only brings items when asked now

also play hiding a treat under beaker. get three plastic beakers, hide a treat under one, when dog touches the correct one with his nose he gets the treat

like yours mine also like hide and seek, tag, bubbles, water guns. one of mine loves jumping to get the water from the hose pipe too.

we've also got a paddling pool and they will play with a ball in the water

melliebobs Sun 10-Jul-11 14:59:24

chasing (usually me and dh around our 2 living rooms), running and killing (empty pop bottles, socks, soft toys). Typical terrier really

arazmataz Sun 10-Jul-11 15:04:09

Scrabble, chess - he's G&T No, ours is a terrier and loves chasing/juggling flowerpots on his nose. He half loves, half fears them, but they are endless fun.

melliebobs Sun 10-Jul-11 15:12:58

my dogs other favourite game is barking. Quite often hell be barking at the drain in our yard because theres something like a leaf in it. OMG NOT A LEAF!!??? He also did funny barking yesterday whilst we were walking in Lytham. There was a lady on rollerblades. Sweet Jesus i've not seen anything like it, it literally tipped him (and the poor lady) over the edge! Well people shouldn't be self propelling themselves on wheels

Spamspamspam Sun 10-Jul-11 20:06:16

Water in any form, bowl that she can jump it, hose, watering can - anything! tug of war is an absolute fave, nothing beats it. Running and hiding in the woods, ball throwing, chasing around after a big bit of ice is a fave. Taking something she shouldn't have and running around the garden like an absolute loon is good fun for all!

Nothing new here sorry, but she is only a puppy so we might need to adopt other strategies as she gets older!

TinFairy Sun 10-Jul-11 20:26:23

Dog no.2 is a dog of simple tastes...fetch is her favorite game, particularly fetching from water.

Dog no. 1 (aka Bastard Dog) prefers mind games and anything involving strategies for world domination.

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