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Anyone clip their own dogs? I have a question

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MySharona Thu 30-Jun-11 21:01:50

On your clippers do you use the different sized ends that fit on the top> The ones which measure how long/short you need the hair to be?

I have struggled with this because it just gets blocked all the time, so today i removed the head altogether and just ran the clippers on hte top of the hair cutting it to as short as i wanted. Not actually through it iyswim.

Do you do this, or how do you manage your clippers.

musicposy Thu 30-Jun-11 23:23:06

Firstly, how do you get your dog near the clippers? I tried but she just runs away quivering. If I try to get them near her she pulls away, flinches, jerks - I can't even begin.

If I could get past the first hurdle I could try it!

alice15 Fri 01-Jul-11 12:09:14

I clip my own dogs but am not a groomer. MySharona, what breed are you clipping and how short do you want it to be? Professional clippers come with interchangeable blades, and you use different blade numbers to leave different lengths of hair on the dog - anything from down to the skin up to about 1/2"; anything longer than that I think would usually be done with scissors AFAIK. I know the guard things you mean, and I agree that they are not very useful. What make of clippers are you using?
musicposy, I suggest you start by not trying to clip the dog but get her used to the clippers. Clicker training is ideal for this, if you use it. If not, I would start by using the clippers as the signal for food, so the noise becomes a positive association for her, and only when she is running to the sound of the clippers for food, try starting to get them onto her. How old is she? Is she a breed that has to be clipped?

HereBefore Fri 01-Jul-11 13:20:25

I clip my own dogs (Labradoodles). Are you using professional clippers? Some if the cheap pet trimmers are next to useless IMO. I use the clip on combs to get extra length and find them ok however the coat needs to be well prepared, knot and matt free, clean and blowdried to get the best results. I use a number 40 blade, then the clip on comb.

MySharona Mon 04-Jul-11 09:55:01

thanks all.

springer spaniels with very shaggy coats!!

They are dog clippers costing about 50 quid. I have managed to get the hang of it without using any of the plastic guard thingys. Just the metal blades. Had to use scissors to start as the hair was so long and they have some lovely 'steps' from the scissors but am tidying it all up and looking good! Takes a few days of on off clipping because they love it, get excited and jump around all the time.

musicposy Mon 04-Jul-11 22:51:05

Sorry for hijacking your thread, MySharona, but it's been useful!

Thanks alice15, I will try to bring some positive associations with the clippers.

She doesn't have to be clipped, I guess - I've just been neatening up bits of her fur with scissors, but it's not ideal. Currently it's either a) she looks very messy or b) she looks as though I've hacked her with the hedge trimmer. She's 50% spaniel and she's looking unkempt and straggly as she grows out of puppyhood - I think she would look better with a bit taken off evenly - I have a 1" setting and I think that would be nice.

So, would just like to try it, really. It's not like she has to be done to any particular breed standard as she's a common mongrel unique crossbreed.

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