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Dog bed - best for a lab?

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DrNortherner Thu 30-Jun-11 16:51:27

We currently have a plastic dog bed downstairs and have gone through various different soft beds/cushions to go inside, but, ime they all jsy go flat and horrible looking after a while. Any recommendations?

Also want a 2nd bed for him upstairs as he has taken to sleeping on the floor next to my bed.

He is a male, adult lab.

Thanks smile

Batteryhuman Thu 30-Jun-11 17:02:50

I bought these on ebay and stuff them with an old single duvet folded into 4. After 3 DSs I had some horrible stained ones in the roof but charity shops are a good source. the cover is washable, so are the duvets and when they get really flattened you can find another duvet.

most dog beds are soooo expensive or the dogs rip them up but these have lasted ages. I have a lab and a spaniel and they have matching purple beds.

DoesItWearingWellies Fri 01-Jul-11 02:15:26

Danish Design duvet beds are brilliant and all the covers are machine washable. The large one should be more than big enough for your lab Danish Design There might be cheaper suppliers than the one in the link, but it shows you the selection available.

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