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How to give ear drops when he growls and snaps?

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Solo2 Wed 29-Jun-11 19:34:01

Rollo (5 mnth old golden retriever pup who's recently been ill) needs eardrops for red, sensitive inner ears. Day one was OK as the vet plus nurse did them. Day 2 was manageable as I gave them - on the advice of the vets, when he was eating - but he didn't like it. Today, I partly managed one ear but can't get near him to do the other, even when he's just begun to eat and is v hungry.

He is giving me a v clear warning growl - which he's not done to me before for anything else - and snaps at me with the obvious intention to bite properly.

I've given up.

Any ideas how to get them in to him tonight? I know it could be done over several days with treat etc getting him used to his ears touched and folded back and to the syringe etc etc. But he needs them in now.

I have to do it on my own as there's no one else to help.

Any clever ideas?

Batteryhuman Wed 29-Jun-11 20:36:56

Do you clicker train? You should be able to teach him to let you touch his ears with a clicker and a load of tasty treats in much less than a few days, more like hours (and if you are lucky) less.

There are clicker experts on here but as a mere amateur I would:

Sit on the floor with him next to you, click and treat (ct) when he lies down quietly, repeat a few times.

Stroke his head, ct when you do this, repeat.

Stroke around his ears, ct, repeat, repeat

Lift ear flaps, ct, repeat, repeat.

Fiddle with ears ct. etc etc.

Have eardrops bottle in your hand while working through these steps, ct.

If at any point he gets restless go back a few stages to one you know he likes.

I recall you use a trainer, could she come and help you with this training process?

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