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Suggestions for finding good cockapoo/spoodle breeder/owner

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Dunlurking Sat 25-Jun-11 17:01:56

Ok ignoring somewhat the other thread. I have been meaning to post for a while to ask if anyone can recommend where we could go to get on the waiting list for a cockapoo/spoodle puppy with good parentage etc. (I know there is the technical stuff with the eyes etc, but can't remember it all as I post this confused)

We already have a lovely 7 year old labradoodle dog which sheds hugely but doesn't set ds's dog related wheezing off. We were on a waiting list for him for a year. We've been waiting for 3 years for a friend's spoodle bitch to produce a litter, but she's fussy about her prospective spoodle mates not rushing to oblige so we think we should look around. She is a gorgeous black spoodle, and I have rather set my heart on finding a black spoodle/cockapoo like her. Can anyone recommend a breeder or private owner who might be the answer? Happy to wait a year or more even!

HereBefore Sun 26-Jun-11 19:35:24

Might be worth registering with Doodle Post (on my phone so can't give you the exact address but the forum should come up whenyou Google). Doodle Post was set up the encourage and support good breeding practises and is a valuable source for those searching for a puppy, Doodle owners and breeders. The guys there should be able to help! :-)

BurningBridges Mon 27-Jun-11 14:56:40

We have a cockerpoo but I wouldn't recommend the breeders he came from, when he had some health problems as a puppy they were pretty defensive. However, I had previously registered with a couple that looked good as well - where abouts do you live though - would be best to get something within an hour or so travelling distance?

multitask Mon 27-Jun-11 15:06:47

We traveled over 500 miles for our last puppy, pure breed from KC accredited breeder. Never limit yourself to within an hour away. If looking for a healthy, well reared, parents tested puppy be prepared to travel.

LtEveDallas Mon 27-Jun-11 15:28:47

Does it really really need to be a doodle? Really really?

2 lovely standard poodles needing homes here

Dunlurking Mon 27-Jun-11 23:41:38

Thanks for the replies and suggestions. Sorry to be slow replying. HereBefore I will investigate Doodle post, hadn't heard of that site before. BurningBridges and multitask we happily travelled from Cumbria to South Wales to get our labradoodle so would be prepared to do the travelling again for the right puppy. Still based in Cumbria smile

LtEveDallas we want another doodle. Dh wants another labradoodle but it's my call this time. Hope you find some lovely owners for your standard poodles!

BurningBridges Tue 28-Jun-11 15:34:31

OK, I'll keep my ideas to myself! I only know cockerpoo breeders anyway.

Dunlurking Tue 28-Jun-11 16:48:45

No don't BurningBridges! I want to know about cockerpoo breeders please! Sorry I thought spoodles or cockerpoos count as doodles! Posted late last night after a horrible work meeting so maybe I wasn't clear!

BurningBridges Fri 01-Jul-11 00:08:54

Sorry I've been out of the loop for a couple of days, have PM'd you the breeders I know of, but not the one I was not happy with as I am worried about comeback. Anyway, hope that helps. Have posted a picture of my dog on my profile. I nearly gave him away after a mega roll in fox poo yesterday followed by a 20 minute chase round house. But then I didn't wink !!

Dunlurking Fri 01-Jul-11 21:11:13

Thanks for the reply and PM BurningBridges.

Love your cockerpoo pictures! Our labradoodle is briiliant at rolling in fox poo - and the curly hairs hold that smell for days. Luckily we live near a lake and he likes swimming - so in he goes to clean up - even in subzero temperatures!

fuzzysnout Sat 02-Jul-11 16:38:23

Sorry, but anyone who breeds crossbreeds and gives them siily names to try to convnce people they are a proper breed of dog is not a responsible breeder. It is good you are thinkng about health checks but these dogs will still be crossbreeds and as such an unknown quantity in terms of what characteristics they will inherit.

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