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SOLO2 - how's it all going?

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2T2T Fri 24-Jun-11 18:53:00

Just hoping this are looking up for you smile

Solo2 Sat 25-Jun-11 08:19:53

Oh! Hi! smile Nice of you to ask. Just seen your message. Rollo seems to have recovered from his diarrhoea, which is good. Life is still very full on with him though! He had me up and out inthe garden as usual this morning at 5.15am but he's barking a lot less when I crate him at night, so that's good.

Full of guilt as haven't had any time at all to do any training sessions with him all week and we've got the puppy class tonight.

Also haven't had time to continue fencing off part of the garden for him either and here we are at another w/e with full on demands from DCs and loads and loads of domestic tasks! By this time of day, having been up for 3 hrs now, I really just want to go back to bed but haven't stopped since 5.15am. Shortly will force the DCs to come out with me for the first dog walk of the day.

Have just emailed the trainer to ask if she can have Rollo next week for one day, as a main school event straight after I finish morning work, will make it impossible to take Rollo for his walk then...

Anyway, this is all trivia but in summary, things are better than when Rollo had diarrhoea last w/e but still v challenging! I have relaxed the pressure on my self a bit to do so much entertaining of Rollo and that's made a difference...could really just do with about 5 other adults here today to help out with DCs, puppy, domestic tasks etc etc!

2T2T Sat 25-Jun-11 09:49:03

Glad things are slightly improving. It does sound very very difficult though. It's a shame there isnt time for you to enjoy the dog. I think you hvae to project yourself in to the future and imagine how tings will be then. YOu are stuck in hte present so not much you can do about that but it will improve I am sure (am hoping so for your sake anyway!) It is a horror about the early starts! I definitely couldn't cope with that! You are doing great, chin up. Every day must surely be a day nearer to getting the dog you had imagined! Good luck - I feel for you!

alp Sat 25-Jun-11 10:04:32

Solo2 - glad to read your post and to be able to hear positive tone coming through. It really sounds like what you have been doing has been great!

I hope you have a good weekend and manage at some point to relax and enjoy!

Solo2 Sun 26-Jun-11 08:56:10

Oh no! I really can't cope with more of this! Rollo had me up most of the night, barking at 1.00am, 2.00am, 4.00am and I've bene up with him since 5.00am when he finally pooed and now has severe diarrhoea AGAIN! I've been out in the gardne with him on and off over the last 3 hrs and I'm at my wit's end!

The DCs need to get to a friend's this a.m who's kindly letting them ride their horse and I've also got to take them to a party this afternoon. But I know if I leave the dog, he'll poo all over the floor just like last Sunday.

I've cooked some rice for Rollo for later but have no chicken in the house and by the time the shops open round here, I need to be taking the DCs to their riding treat....I've fabricated something to cordon off part of the kitchen so that at least I won't have to clean the entire floor of poo but I'm really not looking forward to cleaning liquid poo up at all and have already done this int he garden 4 times since 5am.

I'm not sure we - as a family - can go on like this. After yet another night awake, I'm v grumpy and not nice for the DCs to be around and so I feel v v guilty. I HAVE to put the DCs before the puppy.

I don't know why Rollo has diarrhoea yet again. There are three posisble reasons: 1) yesterday was his first day completely back on his normal diet although i did this v v gradually over the last week and he was definitely doing OK with more and more of his food mixed with the vet's prescribed food. 2) He managed to snatch a tiny, tiny piece of sausage treat that was on the floor during puppy training class yesterday and I've kept him off everything but his own food and the prescribed hyperallergenci treats from the vets till now. 3) He managed to snatch a tiny tiny green apple from our garden lawn, under the apple tree and before I got it out of his mouth, he's probably eaten a miniscule amount and sucked the juice.

I've run out of the vet prescribed food and treats. I can only therefore feed him rice today. Vets insin't open till tomorrow and because of work, I can't get him there till after the afternoon school run...

The trainer is supposed to have him for the day on Tues. as he was better and I need to go to the DCs Sports Day and can't manage the logistics of pup and work and this too but she probably won't have him now he's ill again.

Please can someone make any helpful suggestions or just send some support my way? I am really beginning to think that we can't go on like this, given our family set up where there is only me as the only adult who does DCs, work and puppy.

ditavonteesed Sun 26-Jun-11 09:15:14

ok I am sure someone has already asked this but what is his normal food? does it contain wheat, could he be intolerant.
so much support, you are doing well and things had got better, cling onto that thought.
as for your day here is what I would do. take dog out just before you go, take the kids to riding as planned (deal with the mess I know it is not nice but you cant just sit there and watch him). Take him out again just before you take the kids out this afternoon.
Is he crated? If you ahve taken him for a little walk he would probably be ok crated as long as it is not for more than a couple of hours.
long term, you could teach him to bark on command (I dont know much about this as my dog doesnt bark but have seen it on training porograms) so he only barks when you tell him, sure a trainer will help you out more with that one.
this dog is not fitting in with your family, you are all running round afterhim, it is really unfortunate that he is ill again but you need to do what you need to do with your family.
you can get through this, how old is rollo now? he should definatly be able to play independtly for a short while and give you a break.
It really shouldnt be this hard and I think you need to put your foot down with him (think of him as a mega demanding toddler), I am however no expert so am sure someone will come and say this is all wrong, just wanted to try and offer some support.
This too shall pass. smile

misdee Sun 26-Jun-11 11:42:47

my dogs eat apples.

is he on jwb? my sisters dood has diahorrea on this, and is now on natures diet. my dood who has a sensitive stomache is on the raw food diet and now poos solid poos

Madsometimes Sun 26-Jun-11 13:18:01

Try and put a stool sample into a clean pot and pop in into the vets tomorrow. Patch had two episodes of diarrhea when he was a pup. It is so frustrating, and the stool test is £££, but it is worth it if a cause can be found. You and Rollo do not need to live like this.

Solo2 Sun 26-Jun-11 16:45:13

He's on Royal Canin Junior Golden Retriever 29 - the food the breeder started him on and was always fine with this until 2 weeks ago. In fact our dog trainer says Royal Canin is the only food type that DOESN'T give her dog diarrhoea!

So it's being a busy day, as he's had totally liquid diarrhoea, simply suirting out of his backside (hope no one's eating whilst reading this!) about 9 times since 5am and seems to be trying to do more too each time - but nothing further comes out till after another break.

He's still weeing, so hopefully not totally dehydrated (it's 30C here today!) and resting a lot. One of my DCs - the one who was originally v enthusistic about getting a dog - now wants him to go away forever.

I've had to tell my sosn that there's now a possibility that we won't get away on our one hol. of the year, in a couple of weeks time, as the trainer - who was planning to have him - obviously can't have a dog who's ill, nor would kennels, nor could we bring him as there'd be no point going away at all, as I'd have to attend to him all the time and be near the vet's too.

I don't think I can do another night of no sleep but also can't seem to sleep through his barking...nor face a kitchen floor full of liquid poo at 3am....

This is going to sound really awful but I'm now wishing that someone could just take him away for 6 months, look after him kindly, train him and return him as the perfect family pet, who allows me 8 hrs sleep every night and just fits in with everything we do....

2T2T Sun 26-Jun-11 18:15:17

Solo2 - you really are having a shit time (pardon the pun), I really do feel for you. ARe you sure you can continue with dog ownership? I am not for one second suggesting you are not capable, Nor am I suggesting that you rehome without serious thought but the sleep deprivation bit added to the fact that you are not HAVING ANY FUN AT ALL makes me feel so sorry for you sad. Seriously think about whether you have the means to continue as you do sound so desparately down about it all. Sending hugs Solo2

chickchickchicken Sun 26-Jun-11 19:16:45

when we first adopted our collie x he was severely underweight and had constant diarrhoea so i know how difficult it is to know what to do for the best. do you change his food and that could make him worse, is there something very wrong with his digestive system, is it because he was anxious, etc etc. it was an awful time.

although he was on a good quality dry food which a lot of dogs with sensitive tummies find ok we did eventually decide to change food as a last ditch attempt to solve the problem before we went down the medical route. this worked for our dog, thank god. is it worth you thinking about introducing a different food?

would it be possible for your trainer to help you on a weekly basis? i used to worry so much about collie x (he was badly treated, almost half his ideal weight, had broken leg, scared of most things) that i think i made him worse at times. it was very hard not to comfort him when he was anxious as i knew his background. i know you had rollo from a pup but he was a long awaited addition to your life

it helped me for our dog to go to doggy daycare (with an experienced rescuer) for one day a week. it gave me breathing space and also lessened the worry over him as i could see he was coping fine. he likes it so much that he still goes once a month or so

ditavonteesed Mon 27-Jun-11 07:28:41

hope you had a better night.

AllTheYoungDoods Mon 27-Jun-11 09:52:11

Solo so sorry to hear you're still struggling. As I said before, I've been battling digestive issues with our pup since we got him and still haven't got to the bottom of it, so I really feel for you.

The one thing I would say is keep using the crate. Ours has always gone in even when he was poorly, and he has only twice ever gone in his crate overnight and only barked for out a handful of times. I know it seems mean, but they can hold it a lot longer than you'd think if they have the incentive to. I think it's like us - if we can get to sleep when we're ill, chances are we'll sleep through.

Solo2 Mon 27-Jun-11 09:55:25

2T2T what keeps me going is really this forum, where I've learned that if I can cope at the moment, then by the time Rollo's about 2 yrs old, and provided I've kept up training him, he'll be much much easier. So many thanks to everyone who gives so much support on this forum!

He slept through the night last night. Amazing how me getting 6 hrs sleep puts me in a much better space! He hasn't yet pooed since last evening, which is a good sign and has eaten some chicken (which I managed to rush out and buy) and rice - which he doesn't really like.

I've booked him into the vets later today.

If he can just stop having this recurrent and awful diarrhoea, I think I can cope with the rest of the normal puppy stuff and also be able to take a break occasionally and let his trainer have him for a day or so. Her dog had diarrhoea for the first 5 weeks it was with her!!! Chick, I don't know how you coped with your dog! It sounds really difficult too!

Hopefully, I'll get the bottom (no pun intended) of his poo-problems soon and he'll start to regain all the weight he's lost. Currently, he looks more like a saluki than a chunky golden retriever puppy, poor thing.

2T2T Mon 27-Jun-11 13:08:50

Solo2 - you are doing really well. Far better than I would be doing! Hats off to you smile

Solo2 Mon 27-Jun-11 19:00:38

Vets visit has led to the following: Rollo now on hyperallergenic foods again fromt he vets; he's also on an antihistaming for sore, red ears and inner leg - which may not be related to anything about the tummy upset; he's on ear drops for this (how I'll manage to get these in on my own, I don't know!); I've got to get 3 samples of his poo across 3 days to see if there's anything detectable there.

We won't know the results till the middle of our holiday - if we get our holiday. He does seem a lot better tonight and has enjoyed eating the tinned food and playing a bit in the garden, despite the heat. I'm hoping the antihistamine helps him sleep through the night!

Still hanging in there.....

Elibean Mon 27-Jun-11 19:12:31

Solo, kept out so far because I haven't had a dog for a few years - and am no expert on anything doggy. But first of all, hats off to you - you are a trooper! And secondly, my brother's dog (German Pointer) developed dreadful diarrhoea as a pup, got very thin, and was really quite ill - till he started hyperallergenic dogfood and strictly NO titbits. Since then, he's gone from strength to strength and is now a beautiful, calm 2 year old and great with babies and children (he used to jump up, mouth - and he's huge! - and hump everything in sight).
Really glad you got some new advice from the vet, and hope it all works out for you and Rollo now smile

chickchickchicken Mon 27-Jun-11 19:31:52

well done solo. if its any comfort the collie x was my second dog so i had at least had some practise. also the rescue he came from were very supportive. even so there were days when i felt it was overwhelming (single parent too, ds with asd). we have had him about 5yrs now and he is considerably better, normal weight, and slightly less neurotic wink he is a lovely dog and is absolutely amazing with ds and our ex batts. he is incredibly gentle when hens are first rescued and he helps them settle in. you will have many years of enjoyable dog company once tummy is settled/pup is older smile

2T2T Mon 27-Jun-11 20:50:45

solo I feel very relieved for you, that you have got a bit more medical info on rollo - poor pup! No wonder he is fretful and waking you at nights. I so hope that you get this resolved as you have do so amazingly well to stick with such a difficult situation. rollo is going to love you to the ends of the earth and back for seeing him through his tummy troubles and not giving up on him. he wil adore you, and your children will adore him once this boisterous puppy phase has passed. good luck to you Solo smile

Solo2 Tue 28-Jun-11 06:17:11

Thanks. Had another not so good night. Rollo had me up and down till 10.45pm - which is v late for me and I kept thinking he needed to poo as yesterday was the first day he's eaten substantial amounts again....

I slept from 11pm till 4.45am, when he barked insistently again and this time he DID poo and - og God! - he's obviously still got some diarrhoea! Might be in for another difficult day and night, despite the vet food...will have to see.

The antihistamines clearly don't make him sleepy at all!

Fed him and stayed out in the garden with him till 6am, thinking he might need to poo again - but he hasn't. He's now gone to sleep in his crate, (it's all right for him!) whilst I'm rushing around beginning my normal day!...Looks like I'll miss the DCs Sporst Day this afternoon, if I need to be in for the dog...and as I've got 3 work meeting this morning (from home) too, I can envisage a challenging day!

2T2T Tue 28-Jun-11 07:29:48

Solo-- soo soo sorry for your horrid night again. Adrenalin will get u through the day though. Sleep deprivation is horrid (as a long time insomnia sufferer I can really testify to that!) but you will get through it. Just have a little self pitying sob if you feel like it! He must surely be on the road to recovery now confused. Hopefully by the time the children break up from school you will have it cracked. You are doing so much better than most would!

saffronwblue Tue 28-Jun-11 11:38:25

Solo this sounds really tough. Parenthood, work, and puppy owning are hard enough without sailling in a sea of liquid poo. It will get better and probably quite soon you and the Dcs will laugh about it.
Just survive minute by minute and then day by day. Puppy phases seem to pass quite fast so the night barking may pass soon.
Good luck.

2T2T Tue 28-Jun-11 13:02:01

Solo - isn't there anyone who could dog sit just for a little while? You so need a break - bless your cotton socks!

Solo2 Tue 28-Jun-11 18:32:39

Thanks again....just when I thought it couldn't get any got worse sad. Rollo has much worse diarrhoea since being on vet food and one of my twins is home sick too! I knew DS wasn't well this morning but he insisted he was fine but then I got a call from the school at 9.20am and had to bring him home, abandoning a work meeting.

So now I've been trying to do meetings for work, Rollo toileting in garden - with kitchen roll at the ready plus hosepipe - and check in on sick child with headache, who's in bed. Sports Day was cancelled at DCs school cos of torrential rain and thunder/ lightening and I couln't get to pick up DS1 like other parents and he had to stay the afternoon.

Went to vets and talked to one of the vets at reception (conversation cost £18.00!) and bought the recommended masses of food stuff and then various other medications for £95.00!

Got home to a hysterical sick son who'd been terrified something had happened to me (this son has Aspergere's traits and lots of fears/ worries) as I was later than I'd said...Comforted him whilst pup barked urgently in kitchen and just got pup out in time for copious and several diarrhoeas! The vet said I MUST still feed him plenty despite the diarrhoea.

He's having about 4 liquid poos every hour or so, so far in the garden but it looks like I'm in for a long long night. Nothing worse than wiping/ scooping up dog diarrhoea in torrential rains, with thunder and lightening directly overhead, a whimpering, scared puppy and a sick child needing me indoors!

Took sick child in car to pick up other son, as he was too scared to be left alone again (he's 10 BTW), hoping that pup wouldn't mess the floor whilst we were out and then had to go and do massive supermarket shop too, leaving DCs in car, as we'd no food, drink or cleaning materials!

Rushed home just in time to get Rollo out again for more poos - all diarrhoea/ mucus and much more than before - and to give him his 5 different meds and his ear drops - which was v diffcult! Rollo then played happily with the plastic watering can - which he loves to chew - and must have bene teething as there was suddenly a lot of blood in his mouth - but definitely from his teeth, not his tummy - but it really scared me! He's being pretty normal in behaviour, so I know he can't be seriously sick, which I know is a good thing.

But I would pay a LOT to get respite care form the pup right now but the trainer can't have him, even if he weren't sick - till next week and of course she won't have him then either if he doesn't stop the diarrhoea....Nobody else I know or organisation I know that can help out.

Sorry this sounds like a bleak blog of puppy owning!

If there are any vets out there right now who might be able to advise me how to reduce the diarrhoea and help Rollo sleep all night, do let me know? He's currently on antibiotics, prokolin paste, an antihistamine, an anteacid and ear drops for red, irritated ears! He's also on both tinned Royal Canin hypersensitive chicken and rice wet food and whitefish and tapioca Royal Canin hypersensitive dry food - on vet's recommendation...

Just realised there are no newspapers in the house for the kitchen floor, as I never get time to read one these days....So will just have to wipe up directly from floor in the night if i don't get down to him in time...

Elibean Tue 28-Jun-11 19:18:07

((((Solo)))))) sounds absolutely dreadful, I'm so sorry Rollo's diarrhoea is back with a vengeance. The rest of it is hugely hard work, but it seems to me that having Rollo unwell like that (both in terms of sheer bloody work and in terms of stress/worry) must be unbearable.
I think I would be hammering the vet's door down for answers sad
Is it possible that the change of food (because its a change) will make things worse before they get better? Grasping at straws for you, I know...
Is there anyone you can ask to help with home/dses for a day or two? Family, friends? You really do sound in need of some respite or at least practical help...
If you don't mind saying, whereabouts are you, roughly?

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