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Poor dog doesn't seem too well

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Saltire Thu 23-Jun-11 13:41:06

Last weekend DH commented that the dog had diahorrea, very horrible it was. On friday he did that retching thing and brought up a bit of yellow vomit. Then on Saturday ngith he was barking, so we down stairs and let him out but he wouldn't go. We came down Sunday morning to really bad diahorrea all through the downstairs.
All through this though, he was running aorund as normal, going otu for wlaks and generally just being himself. So we stopped food for 24 hours, and although it was stil very runny on Monday by Tuesday was a bit more solid (for want of a better word). We then slowly introduced his food again, jsut small amounts which he has been eating and he's drinking fine and still charging aorund like a mad thing.

Anyway today he's not eaten again and his tummy sounds like mind does when it's playing up, squealing type noises and he was whining to get out and went staright to the grass. he seems a bit "lookign forlornly out the window" type today, but is showing no signs of distress.
is it possible we introduced food too early again (he's had no treats or anything otehr than his usual food)
Also 2 dogs from teh street behind ours and another one from our street ahve the exact same symptoms

Lizcat Thu 23-Jun-11 13:43:43

I think after 7 days a trip to the vets is in order as conservative treatment is not working.

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