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HELP loud pointless barking

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saffronwblue Mon 20-Jun-11 08:46:09

Daisy, lab /border collie cross, 7 months. Her latest phase is lots of loud important barking and guarding. Today she has been stationing herself in front of various items, eg the dishwsher and trying to make a game of barking at me when I go to use it.

What do we do? Ignore, distract with some traiing/treat session or growl at her?

She has a really resonant bark and I feel sorry for my neighbours. And this is with me home with her all day. ( Inclidng a long walk, a short walk, some ball play in the garden and a trip together in the car to pick up DS)

RobinSure Mon 20-Jun-11 12:25:10

The usual trick is to ignore behaviour you don't want to encourage. If she barks turn your back on her. The minute she shuts up, count to five and then turn back. Make her sit or do a down, and lavish her with praise. Rinse and repeat.

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