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My lovely dogs will soon be in quarantine for a month

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MrsDistinctlyMintyMonetarism Sun 19-Jun-11 12:33:49

and they've only spent one night in kennels in the last 8 years of their lives.

The kennels is 1000km away so I can't even pop in to make sure they are ok (and tbh I'd be worried that it would make it worse for them to see me, and then watch me walk away).

I know it's pathetic, but it feels like my heart is breaking. sad

I know that there's probably nothing I can realistically do but just wanted to spill.

GrimmaTheNome Sun 19-Jun-11 12:38:00

Oh dear, that must be horrible for you. Probably worse for you than them. Are they kennelled together so they've got each other?

MrsDistinctlyMintyMonetarism Sun 19-Jun-11 12:51:22

Yes, they will be together - they are litter brother and sister so have spent their whole lives together.

I'm trying v.hard not to think about the 24hr flight they have before they even get to the quarantine kennels. sad

<reaches for wine>

RosieMapleLeaf Sun 19-Jun-11 13:02:17

I always remind myself that animals have no concept of time. They won't know that they have been gone for a month.
We had to put our animals in kennels for a month last year when we moved and our move in and out dates didn't overlap. I'm sure it was much harder on me than on them. I'm not sure who was happier when we finally got to bring them home!

Lizcat Sun 19-Jun-11 17:40:44

I was for 7 years a quarantine vet visiting 6 days out of every 7. The month will pass very quickly and you will have them out before you know it. Most dogs in quarantine have a rare old doggy time - they have plenty of toys to play with and get a lot of attention from the kennel staff. Plus they love to make the vet count as hard as possible by running inside and outside.

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