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Lost dog near beer festival in Gloucester. Anyone there?

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AnnieLobeseder Sat 18-Jun-11 20:39:15

Help me please, dog-loving MNers of Gloucester! I'm abroad on hold and a friend is looking after my dogs. She took them on a road trip this weekend, and I've just had a call from a lovely lady who has found one of my dogs wandering in the road near a beer festival isomewhere near Gloucester. My friend isn't answering her phone.

This lovely lady is keeping my poor dog in the back of her car until we can get hold of my friend. But I'm worried that my other dog is also wandering lost. And I don't think my friend knows they're list, or surely she'd be watching her phone.

What should I do? Are any of you near there who might be able to help? Or at least keep an eye out for my other dog - X-breed looks like a white lab with tan patches on her head.

chickchickchicken Sat 18-Jun-11 20:41:16

i live in gloucester. didnt know about beer festival or where it is. pm me if i can help

AnnieLobeseder Sat 18-Jun-11 20:46:43

Thanks chicken, but I'm guessing that if you haven't heard about this festival it probably isn't near you. I wish I'd paid more attention to where this woman said she was but it was nowhere I'd heard of. Off to Google...

chickchickchicken Sat 18-Jun-11 20:48:07

ok, just had a google and all i could find for this weekend was cheltenham food and drink festival. lots of beer festivals in glos but not this weekend. camra do have a stall at chelt festival though so maybe she means she is there?

CroissantNeuf Sat 18-Jun-11 20:48:37

heres the website (if its the right beer festival?)

chickchickchicken Sat 18-Jun-11 20:50:17

x posts

still let me know if i can help. want to pm me woman (who has found dog) number? cheaper for me to ring from here and i can also find out whereabouts she is.

if you want to send me more detailed description of missing dog i will text chelt friends to keep an eye out

chickchickchicken Sat 18-Jun-11 20:51:49

croissant - that one is in september

chickchickchicken Sat 18-Jun-11 20:52:52

croissant - can you see any others i may have missed?

CroissantNeuf Sat 18-Jun-11 20:53:17

oh bugger sorry. I googled Gloucester beer festival and todays date.

I'll try again

chickchickchicken Sat 18-Jun-11 20:54:44

i did too. when that one came up i was relieved as its very near me ....then i saw the date

CroissantNeuf Sat 18-Jun-11 21:01:25

I can't find anything on google I'm afraid.

I'm wondering if it might be a country pub having a real ale festival as part of Cheltenham Food Festival?

chickchickchicken Sat 18-Jun-11 21:03:55

yes, me too. will ring a few friends who have social lives and see if they know

AnnieLobeseder Sat 18-Jun-11 21:08:31

No, I didn't have much luck with Google either. So I really don't know where she is. I'm not too worried about the dog who has been found as it sounds like he's in good hands, but I'm very worried about the other one. She's the one who tends to run away chasing critters, not the one who has been found. He tends to follow her so if he's out, she probably is too.

Gah! Why won't she answer her phone!?

chickchickchicken Sat 18-Jun-11 21:26:19

ive just tried to ring the woman who has your dog. no answer. will try again in a few minutes. am thinking...........find out where she is, try and ring festival organisers to see if they can put out an announcement to your friend? any other ideas?

AnnieLobeseder Sat 18-Jun-11 21:29:47

That's a brilliant idea, chicken, thx. I'm just assuming my friend is at the same event though... Not great that neither of them are answering now!

CroissantNeuf Sat 18-Jun-11 21:31:26

chick -maybe try texting otherwise she might not answer if its a strange no. that she doesn't recognise

chickchickchicken Sat 18-Jun-11 21:39:30

ok, good news. i spoke to the woman who has your male dog. dog is very happy. they are camping at the festival with their own dog and your dog can stay with them until your friend is located. dog is not anxious, has water and a bed. even if friend in not located this woman will take your dog home with her until he can be collected.

i have asked her to get an announcement made and given her details of your other dog. she has my number now and if anything changes she will ring me as well as try you and your friend

it is very loud there. she didnt hear the phone the first time so dont panic if you dont get an answer

festival is in slimbridge which is about 15 miles south of gloucester. its a lovely small rural village away from busy roads. its a place we often walk our dogs. i dont mind going to fetch your dog and bringing him back to mine (i have 3 dogs) but the woman who has him sounds lovely and has already thought about keeping him safe until he can be collected. so i do think he is better staying there as your friend is also there and hopefully they will meet up soon

anything else, dont hesitate to ask

chickchickchicken Sat 18-Jun-11 21:40:48

i would say your friend must be at same event. its a rural location and the other villages have beer festivals in august and september

AnnieLobeseder Sat 18-Jun-11 21:47:41

Chicken you are wonderful and my new best friend. I'm off to bed now, it's coming up for midnight here. But I'll be back in the morning for updates.

chickchickchicken Sat 18-Jun-11 21:50:15

good idea croissant. have also texted all the info about your other dog in case she missed some of it as it was very noisy

chickchickchicken Sat 18-Jun-11 21:50:54

update.......are you still here annie?

chickchickchicken Sat 18-Jun-11 21:55:07

will update for you to check anyway

woman who has your male dog just rung. a very loud and detailed announcement was made and noone has come forward. she doesnt think they can still be at the festival or they would have heard it and come forward. noone came forward to say they had seen your other dog.

i suggested maybe they have left and are looking for the dog and that another announcement is made in an hour in case they return. she will make sure this happens

anything else i can do?

CroissantNeuf Sat 18-Jun-11 21:56:19

Glad to hear you've made contact and matters are in hand.

chickchickchicken Sat 18-Jun-11 21:56:32

she also said she has been continually ringing and texting your friend and no answer. she will continue to do this

AnnieLobeseder Sat 18-Jun-11 22:02:09

Yes, still here. Oh dear, that's not good news. I would assume that if my friend is out looking for the dogs she'd be answering the phone.

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