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[sad] big problems after a week in kennels....time to step up to the mark as a dog owner

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littlemisslost Fri 17-Jun-11 10:15:40

Hi all......moral support and guideance needed here please. I have a 9 month old Lakeland/patterdale cross. He is a handful but aside from normal puupy behaviour has never been a major problem. We took him to 2 puppy classes whe he was very young... 12 weeks or so but we didnt like it as they were ex police trainers and seemed very rough. Sadly we never bothered again and neglected him a bit and he has probably got a bit spolit. Last week we went on holiday for a week and put him in kennels. Since he came back he has gone crazy whenever next doors dog is in his garden, he has ripped a hole in the fence (fairly new strong fence) and he has biten both me and my husband. When we got him home he had diorrheah (cant spell that) ....basically what the hell has happened to him???? We are considering one to one training from a behaviourist, we both work shifts so attending a regular class is proving very difficult it better to go toa class and socialise him or one to one for specific help in our own home? he normally loved other dogs and runs up and licks them wagging his tail? have been really upset since he bit me yesterday, he lost it and I have bite marks all over my hand a wrist. its just not my dog sad

DooinMeCleanin Fri 17-Jun-11 10:20:35

A good behaviorist will have bomb proof dog he will use to help socialise your dog. He/she should also walk out with you to see for themselves how your dog behaves in public and give you coping strategies for it.

A lot of dogs change their behaviour slightly after kennels. Mine goes the other way and sleeps constantly and is lot calmer. I'd question how often they were walking him if he has gone nuts.

How did the bite happen? How often do you exercise him? It sounds like he has a lot of pent up energy and frustration.

littlemisslost Fri 17-Jun-11 10:27:51

He was going absolutely mad barking and jumping at the fence , he cant see nextdoors dog just heard him and smelt him and went crazy.I was trying to get him to come in the house and I couldnt catch him. I tried to grab him and he just went for me, he got my right had in his mouth and I tried to get him off my right hand and he went for my left hand. He was growling and snarling he has never gone for me or my husband before this week. When we are out for a walk he pulls on the lead and wants to go up to any other dogs. We have alway let hims go and he normally just sniffs them and nudges them with his nose and is very friendly, after this week Im frightened to take him out because I cant trust him, now he is just wearing a muzzle all the time because I dont feel safe with him around us or my dd

minimu1 Fri 17-Jun-11 10:34:43

He has just been majorally overstimulated in the kennels.

Give him a lot of very quiet down time. no off lead walking just quiet relaxing on lead walking, no chasing games, just chill out time for a couple of days - he should revert back to your dog.

If not then look at getting professional advice

littlemisslost Fri 17-Jun-11 10:44:44

okay so generally speaking, is a one to one behaviourist in your home better than classes? and does £50 for a 2 hour assessment and then 2 hours every three weeks seems okay?
Had one reccommendation and thats how much he charges

multitask Sat 18-Jun-11 11:43:14

A patterdale/Lakeland cross is bred for only one purpose and that is hunting, he is a working breed with the instincts to be running fields, down rabbit holes, chasing vermin. They are high energy dogs that require mental stimulation, boundaries and work! I imagine a week in kennels and his little mind was in overdrive lots of sights and sounds and stimulating atmosphere and he is home now to wreck! I am not saying your home isn't loving and caring and I am sure you love the little monkey to bits but you also need to provide the environment this dog was bred for. He need lots of mental stimulation and the exercise to match. Have you done a load of research on this breed mix? I am sure you have, but it may help to talk to someone on forums dedicated to this type of working dog.

What food was he eating in kennels? This may have made him hyper too..

melliebobs Sun 19-Jun-11 18:20:04

i have a patterdale terrier (18 month) and alot of the destructive stuff is just their nature. Ours went into kennels for a week and his food was a bit different to what he was used to, so that can A) affect their behaviour (especially if there's too much protein in it) and also play with their tummies. Once they are back to their routine food wise that should sort that. But also kennels ar eboring, patts need loads of stimulation and challenges to think over. So lots and lots af training, getting the patience of a saint and lots of perseverance are going to be needed

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