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How do you stop them jumping on people?????

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Deuce Fri 17-Jun-11 08:34:21

I have a year old shih tzu and he is driving me nuts. whenever anyone comes into the house he is uncontrollable. Jumping constantly. I have two young kids so when their friends are here he has to be put out, where e just barks non stop.

Please advise me as what to do.

midori1999 Fri 17-Jun-11 08:49:47

You need to train the people who come into your house how to behave. So...

No speaking to the dog unless he is sitting nicely or has has all four paws on the ground. If the dog jumps up at all, then they must turn their backs and fold their arms, not making eye contact at all and staying silent. The second the dog sits, they can give it attention, but if he jumps up again they must stand up, turn their backs, ignore etc immediately.

You can also keep treats on you and discourage the DC from giving the dog too much attention at first, so when the dog comes near you you can give him a treat and he'll soon start to think that the DC are actually pretty boring, but if he hangs around/lays down near you, he's likely to suddenly and unexpectedly get a random treat, so it's best to stay near you anyway.

Another thing you can do is involve your DC (and maybe eventually their friends?) in general training using treat rewards, so get them to learn how to make the dog sit, lay down, high five, spin round etc.

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