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Early morning wake ups & door scratching....

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davidtennantsmistress Thu 16-Jun-11 08:29:44

my GSD (who I might add I love dearly - hoonestly, no really just a little exhausted atm with him) is 8.5 years old.

we live in a small bungalow, where both dogs (other is another breed) have always been allowed to roam where they like whilst we're in the house but are confined to the kitchen/conservatory whilst we're out.

Prior to moving here 3 years ago they were always kept in the kitchen at night times as we were in a house. I am now 30 weeks pg, and need to get them used to sleeping in the kitchen/conservatory again at bed times. (usually he will stay at the foot of the bed, not on it but at the foot of it settled) however with a baby, & dark etc I want him out of the room, by day a gate is up at the room so he can't get into the bedroom anymore, likewise DS has always had a gate on his door to stop them both going in.

anyhow, y'day was 5.30am, today 4.24 am, only decent sleep has been sunday night at 6.55am.
They both have a walk during the day, and would usually have another in the evenings before bed time, this however doesn't seem to make a difference to their sleeping if they have a later one or not still early up.

How can I stop my GSD from scratching at the door (it's a loose/old one so very rattly) or whining, this morning it was 1.5 hours before I gave in and left him out into the house - i'm exhausted currently from the early wake ups - (and luckily I am able to sleep this pg so far) what can I do, he's told bed in a firm voice, he's given water/food. he's let out for his toileting, it doesn't seem to matter if I go to bed at 11pm or 9pm. Help! at this rate i've verging on keeping things as they are until DP is home, so he can give me support/help in getting this sorted out over the next 6 weeks.

davidtennantsmistress Thu 16-Jun-11 08:32:42

(should also say he prefers to have company so usually it's the other dog who goes in the bedroom during the day but she's not bothered at night as long as she's got a blanket to sleep on)

davidtennantsmistress Thu 16-Jun-11 11:52:22

bump sad

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