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Illegal rabbit traps

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DogsBestFriend Mon 13-Jun-11 21:27:28

I appreciate that this isn't a dog topic but this area gets more traffic than most of the pet-related ones AFAIK and you lot are a knowledgable, helpful bunch although quite what I want I don't know. To let off steam is about all, I guess.

One of our cats went missing about 4 days ago and returned home (starving) this evening. She's limping and has two clear diagonal scars, now healing, across the back of her rear legs. I can only imagine that she's been caught in a trap.

I live in the country and am surrounded by fields and woodland so it's impossible to locate this trap if indeed that's what happened (any other theories by the way?). God help the person concerned if that is what's happened and I get hold of them.

I'm going to let the hub of the community (local, sole shop/PO owner) know about it to spread a word of warning and will put a poster on the shop's noticeboard. I'll also give the parish council a ring, they're hot on all things relevant in this small village. Anything else I can do? Any thoughts please?

If I disappear off MN you'll know that it was an illegal trap, I've found the bastard responsible and am serving time at Her Majesty's pleasure as a result!

beautifulgirls Mon 13-Jun-11 22:19:43

You could contact the RSPCA too. They may or may not be useful depending on who you get but worth a go at least.

DogsBestFriend Mon 13-Jun-11 22:45:09

Good point! I fear they'll be chocolate teapot-ish, but I'm anti bloody RSPCA anyway but I've nothing to lose by not contacting them. I'll put it on the list to do tomorrow (oh heavens, that list, it's miles long I tell ye, miles!).

chickchickchicken Mon 13-Jun-11 22:48:03

how about a contacting a local wildlife rescue as well? a friend of mine volunteers to do surveys for a local wildlife rescue. the volunteers have certain areas to cover and they record all sorts of things. it would help them to know to be on the lookout for any traps

how is cat now?

DogsBestFriend Mon 13-Jun-11 22:55:19

Thanks chick and well done, hadn't thought of that. A local village houses a wildlife sanctuary who are very pro-active so I'll speak with them in the morning too.

Pusscat awaits a vet appoitment in the morning though I doubt if they can do anything as the wounds are clean, thankfully not deep, uninfected and heeling well. Tonight she's in a dog crate to keep her from moving/jumping in her mum's bedroom (aka DD1, soon to start a vet nurse course) and sleeping. Poor little mite... sad

MotherJack Mon 13-Jun-11 22:59:09

According to this the police should be informed and will work closely with their equally useless cohorts, the RSPCA.

Otherwise I would suggest ringing your County Council Switchboard and telling them, in the hope they can transfer you to someone useful. If not, ask to be put through to Pest Control (or whatever they are known as in your parts) and you might get to speak to someone with a knowledge of the law in this area.

Your poor cat! Hope she is ok.

Scuttlebutter Mon 13-Jun-11 23:53:58

Your local police force will have a Wildlife Liaison Officer, whose job it is to work on these sorts of crimes, including badger digging, snaring, illegal coursing, and so on. Contact them via your police switchboard and ask for the officer's name/contact details etc. Generally these are only one officer, so responses can be variable but in general they are more committed and knowledgeable than the force as a whole and can do some very good work.

I would also contact your local Wildlife Trust as they will have a good knowledge of these issues on the ground, and can put the word about. Depending on the area you are in, you may also have something like a Countryside Forum or similar where bodies such as NFU, Landowners (including public/NFP bodies such as Forestry Commission/NT etc, CLA, and similar meet on a regular basis. Generally these are facilitated by local authorities, National Park Authorities or similar.

As you are in a rural area, why not also put up notices on local notice boards or in things like your local feed/country store type place.

I would also do some walking round my local footpaths - if you manage to find anything on your way, immediately photograph it before removal, contact police and local Rights of WAy Officer (County Council).

Hope your cat is soon on the mend, and DD is administering lots of TLC.

DogsBestFriend Mon 13-Jun-11 23:55:12

Thanks MotherJack, will do. smile

I'll also ring my friend, who is a former dog warden and now pest controller in my neighbouring county and get his help and advice.

Madame is sleeping on DD1s bed, her normal spot, occasionally meowing in her sleep poor love. The sleep-talking isn't normal for her, it isn't an 'in pain' type of cry but more a sad one. I have a feeling that DD1 and I will be awake for much of the night!

DD1 has opened the crate door but is keeping her bedroom door shut - the highest jump that Madame can achieve is where she is now, on DD1s bed.

MotherJack Tue 14-Jun-11 00:08:35

Poor Madame sad. I'm so pleased that she is safe back home with you and hope she settles back down soon.

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