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New puppy thread, where new puppy owners can come for help and advice and hopefully clever people like minimu, midori et al will check regularly (please) to help us...

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Happymm Mon 13-Jun-11 16:41:27

Exactly what it says on the tin really. Kings idea, that we have a thread where we can all come and ask for help, advice, support or just to vent and that the much more experienced people will come and help us out smile

Kingsroadie Mon 13-Jun-11 17:21:49

Woop woop! So far no accidents inside today. (Bet I speak too soon) and puppy class tonight. Hmmm.

<prepares self for puppy carnage>

clam Mon 13-Jun-11 18:36:33

Puppy class? Already?
You showing off again, Kings?

<<slopes off to cry again, as whole day wasted spent in garden trying to house-train>>

alp Mon 13-Jun-11 19:44:22


So plan for this evening is....allow more space in crate to allow a bit of moving around. This might result in a poop but I'd rather this than it all over the crate/bed/bedding etc.

We've continued our 'out for a wee each hour' routine and spent most of the afternoon outside as the weather has perked up. So far so good as only one wee in doors.

We've also practised in the crate by putting treats in, feeding dinners in there and making it generally lovely wink Had the door open and closed at various points. Also puppy has been in utility room with stair gate across whilst I've been cooking dinner etc so she has got used to being in there. Although she howled/cried and my 19month old DS was talking to her through the stair gate!

Our puppy classes start in a couple of weeks....I wonder how broken she/ we'll be by then!?wink

Happymm Mon 13-Jun-11 20:16:50

Puppy class! shock oh my! Look forward to hearing all about it! Have put in a call today to book ours.

Have also spent most of day in garden shivering whilst pup ignores any call of nature so that she can come inside asap. She currently systematically going round the house pulling doorstops out and chewing them, as we clearly haven't bought her enough toys of her own hmm Can't wait till stag bars come. She has managed to not bite DS today, though have been extra extra vigilant!

Alp, sounds like a good crate training programme going on there! Here's to a good night's sleep for all! smile

minimu1 Mon 13-Jun-11 20:34:28

Happymm try a new tack if the sitting outside for hours is not working.
If you have been outside and puppy has not weed after 15 minutes or
so. Take them back inside but at this point restrict the puppies activity and space. You could try
one of the following:
Put pup in her crate
Put her on your lap
Put her in a puppy play pen

As you know most puppies will not want to go to the toilet in their bed. (something their mother has already taught them). Therefore, watch your puppy closely for signs that they do need to go and then immediately take them outside and wait for them to go to the toilet.

Repeat this process until the puppy goes to the toilet in the garden. At this point praise like crazy.

LOL at waiting for stag bars to come - only in the doghouse grin

very envious of all these puppies

clam Mon 13-Jun-11 20:42:12

Sort of tried that minimu, with the result that he spent all day in the kitchen, (which he wasn't too happy about), with me taking him out at very regular intervals, and he didn't go ALL DAY! 3 meals and several sleeps and finally did one at 5pm!
Although thinking about it, he did do loads of wees outside, and none indoors. So swings and roundabouts.

Spamspamspam Mon 13-Jun-11 21:11:16

When are you feeding him clam? Is he eating regularly? My pup did not eat properly until about 3 weeks in and still she is a bit hit and miss. Has breakfast most days now but can miss lunch, usually has tea. I find that if I can feed her on regular hours I know when the poo is about to arrive - sorry for that tmi!

If I feed her late one night (because I feel sorry for her if she didn't want her tea) I get an accident in the morning that I wasn't expecting, not in her bed but she will go out for first morning poo, then come in and have breakfast and before her head is out of the bowl she is doing another one, whilst I stupidly thought I could make a cuppa grin

I have got into a bit of a routine and I know when the poo is about to arrive - again sorry for the TMI but...If I know she needs a poo I stay out there for as long as I have to until she has done one. Everytime I give up early I end up with an accident on the floor!

She is a five poos a day girl, one first thing, one after breakfast, one mid morning, one early evening and one late - it has taken me five weeks to get to this point!

Kingsroadie Mon 13-Jun-11 21:37:48

Helllooooooo! Am back from puppy carnage class.

Clam grin Going this early as this was the one starting soonest otherwise I would have had to have waited until he was at least 14 weeks old and wanted to start him off asap.

Soooooo, he did very well - actually. He was the youngest by 3 weeks - next was 13 weeks. And he was def best at sitting grin - we got made an example of due to my use of the clicker - no one else used one. But we weren't so hot at lead walking, mainly because everyone else's puppies were used to going out for walks but obv we haven't yet so I'll forgive him! However, the trainer was fairly scary talking about the nipping and how I really needed to nip in the the bud straight away (as it were) and be really really strict - even more than now. And put him for time out in garden for a few mins if he even touches my daughter. sad I really want him to calm down and hope he will a bit when he starts going for walks. He ran at my daughter having escaped from his pen today and nipped/scratched her on the face. So I was pretty upset/angry and a little scared too - same as you Happy!

He also suggested that the weeing in bed might be due to him taking a lot of water on as fish has quite a high salt content.. We came back and tasted burns (left from breeder) and fish4dogs and the different was unbelievable. Fish4dogs was sooo salty - and I LOVE salt. We then tried Acana which was also a lot less salty. Anyway we might try not feeding fish4dogs now as it just seemed so salty - although it has a lot of fans on here - maybe it just doesn't agree with our puppy. Interestingly he mentioned Burns, James Wellbeloved and Royal Canin. Which obv have grain in them... Perhaps this higher protein and veg content is a newer concept and he hasn't caught on yet!? grin

Happy - haha re stagbars! We actually got some lamb bones today so might try them tmrw.

Massive post from meeeeeee

Spamspamspam Mon 13-Jun-11 21:41:42

My pup can sleep, oh my can she sleep. I know this but today she surpassed herself. Woke up at 7.00 went back to bed after poo/wee/breakfast. Went to the vet with me at 10.00 then we went for a 20 minute walk on lead as usually everywhere we go she can go off lead but I need to teach her to go on lead, but after five minutes saw a friend stopped for a coffee and pup mooched around friends garden for 40 mins then walked five mins home. She then slept until 5.00pm by then I was getting a bit worried. I woke her up and tried to play but she was not interested at all, she ate her tea, drank some water and went back to bed.

We went out for a friends birthday drink and I was prepared to put a note of worry on here but suffice to say pup is absolutely fine, has been charging around the garden since 7.50, has got up to all sorts and I am now thinking when will you go to sleep!!! ahh bless grin

Spamspamspam Mon 13-Jun-11 21:58:06

Ahh cross posted Kings! great about puppy class - we love it an have been taking Maggie since she was 10 weeks - it is complete and utter carnage grin

Re the food I just swapped from Hills to JWB and puppy is already choosing the JWB out from the hills, I have a 80/20 split at the moment and no signs of upset tummy so am going to up the percentage over the next couple of days.

I am so with you about the confilicting advice! Everyone has a method that totally works for their dog blah blah blah my puppy classes had me reeling with disbelief and a really good friend of ours is so in the dark ages I regularly open my mouth with disbelief at his methods albeit they are not cruel but somewhat top of the pack you will do as I say!

But I have had horses for years and years and the conflicts with training horses far outweigh training dogs so far so I go with my gut! And don't even get me started on babies grin

Happymm Mon 13-Jun-11 22:05:12

Summer also loves to sleep bless her. At my feet for 3hrs now, then I'll drag carry her out for pees/poos and she'll sleep till 7.

Am amazed at puppy class kings! V jealous too!

Thanks Minimu. Will give that a shot. smile

Just need to sort the jumping up and biting...

Emmery2010 Mon 13-Jun-11 22:05:21

my dog gave birth last night was fine all day. she has thrown up about 5 times in 2 hours and has a temp of 39.3. is this normal or is vet urgently required.

Happymm Mon 13-Jun-11 22:08:04

No idea as only had our puppy for 10days. I would think so...

Emmery2010 Mon 13-Jun-11 22:12:09

website says worry if gets over 103 its at 102 now. she passed her placentas but maybe a bit is still left in.

shufflebum Mon 13-Jun-11 22:14:15

Yes vet definitely required, please call them asap.

Happymm Mon 13-Jun-11 22:14:31

I'd call a vet. Better safe than sorry sad

SingingTunelessly Mon 13-Jun-11 22:15:42

Emmery if she has been sick five times in two hours after giving birth yesterday, I would be extremely worried about her dehydrating. I would call the vet immediately for advice.

Kingsroadie Mon 13-Jun-11 22:31:06

Def call vet. Could maybe be an infection post birth...

BTW everyone have just realised I blithely post away about us tasting the dog food to see how salty it is as if that is totally normal. Yes, we did eat it ourselves. Both of us, just to check. hmm

Emmery2010 Mon 13-Jun-11 22:31:52

vet said not to panic says its normal enought. thanks for your advice

Happymm Mon 13-Jun-11 22:33:08

Wierdo Kings grin

shufflebum Mon 13-Jun-11 22:39:13

Good Emmery please keep an eye though smile, dehydration and infection are possible complications post birth. Are the pups feeding well and mum eating and drinking?

shufflebum Mon 13-Jun-11 22:40:09

Sorry didn't mean the patronising tone blush

Kingsroadie Mon 13-Jun-11 22:44:02

Ahem.... yes - the things we do for our puppy hey? again hmm

Happymm Tue 14-Jun-11 06:58:11

Morning ladies! Hope you've all had a quiet, pee free night! smile

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