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Hmm where to go today?

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emptyshell Mon 13-Jun-11 09:20:33

Dog's had a crap few days with the rain and me being lost to the cause of SATsmarking and since I finished last night I promised him mega-walkies.

OK where to go where to go - got one country park near that I know he's been to before - potential pitfalls = squirrels and fooking huge hills (and I'm incredibly unfit at the moment), there's another country park a bit further away - again probable squirrel involvement and the possibility of school trips of kids I've taught... or there's the canal towpath - boring as shit but flat, but really creepy train spotters... or the disused canal - huge dip for the dog to run along like he's a Scalextrix dog - but the fencing is crap with a trainline next to it so I always keep him on lead and spoil his fun.

I'm lacking inspiration here!

chickchickchicken Mon 13-Jun-11 10:21:10

grin at scalextrix dog

i would go to country park nearest you - weather dodgy so not too far to get home if soaked, send dog up hills to tire him out whilst you stand at the bottom admiring the scenery, best of all less chance of you bumping into students (can be nice but mostly horrible reminder of work!)

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