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Do worming tablets cover ringworm?

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Marne Sun 12-Jun-11 10:09:08

Hi, my dd2 has ringworm (being treated), we have a cat and a dog which be where it has come from, i treat both with worming tablets from the vets and the cat has also been treated with a 'spot on' treatment, do these just cover thread worms ect..? or does it cover ring worm too? i cant see anything on them (will check them over again) but will they need treating?

alice15 Sun 12-Jun-11 14:58:26

Ringworm is a fungus, not a worm, and worming tablets will not treat it. You need to take the dog and cat to the vet and get them to test for ringworm - they may need to send samples away to the lab or may do some tests in house.
In general, cats are more likely to carry ringworm without showing the signs than dogs are. Your DD may have picked ringworm up from somewhere else, especially if you are in a rural area and eg. walk through fields with cattle in them. But the first step is definitely to get the vet to check for ringworm (I am a vet - hope this helps!)

Lizcat Sun 12-Jun-11 15:42:55

Echoing Alice. I also have seen cases where humans have infected the pets. Most recently male owner being treated for eczema for 6 months before dogs developed ring worm, I struggled for months treating the dogs just getting it under control then it flaring back up - I was only seeing the female owner. About 4 months in male owner comes in and I see his hand suggest that it maybe ringworm. He goes back to the doctor gets ringworm treatment has 'eczema' heals and the dog's ringworm disappears.
The male owner is a wood worker and ringworm can live in untreated wood for years.

Marne Sun 12-Jun-11 19:21:12

Thank you, Alice- my dog is a white staffie so its easy to spot any patches on her skin, could she still cary it but not have any patches?

We live in the country side, most of the children she goes to school with are living on farms with cattle or horses so i guess its possible that she has caught it from another child?

alice15 Sun 12-Jun-11 21:25:50

I don't know much about how people pick up ringworm, but I would think she could have caught it from another child or from spores lying about in a fence, etc, as Lizcat says, if she's been for a walk somewhere. Most dogs with ringworm will have crusting on the face, typically, but they can carry it without signs sometimes. Persian cats are the classic ones for carrying it without obvious signs, though - most of the dogs I've seen with it have been Jack Russells who are keen on sticking their heads into holes in the countryside and pick up ringworm as a result, and they do mostly have obvious signs.

Marne Sun 12-Jun-11 21:36:59

Thank you, i have checked the cat and dog and can't find anything, no sore skin or dry patches.

Lizcat Mon 13-Jun-11 13:36:30

As a mixed practice vet I have to be very aware of how humans pick up ringworm and so far I have managed 16 years without catching it. Firstly you need an abrasion on your skin and then a warm moist environment. The most common places for farm animal vets to get it is around our watch strap as we often fail to dry here properly. I always used a good quality anti-bacterial and anti-fungal soap and then dry very thoroughly. Children quite often pass it on by holding hands in the playground, hands that are often damp from the brief drying they have had after the brief wash in the toilet.
Doctors love to blame pets and very few of them are aware that it can pass just as easily from human to pet as from pet to human.
In the country we often see the ringworm on the belly, in the groin or in the arm pits.

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